Character Sketch and Debate Project 960L This project is designed to stretch your understanding of writing critical thinking and speaking In the next two weeks you will create an incredibly detailed character Your first task is to write an amazing character sketch that helps us picture your character We will go through all steps of the writing process 1 pre-writing 2 drafting 3 revising 4 editing and 5 publishing After you finish your character sketch you will become this character as heshe studies issues of current debate such as 1 Should students be able to call teachers by first names? 2 Should there ever be out-of-school suspension? 3 Should teachers allow failing students to pass by doing extra credit? etc After studying an issue our class will conduct an informal debate Requirements are on the following pages In the past this has been a favorite topic for my 8th grade classes Dive in take a risk and enjoy! Objectives Student will use all steps of writing process effectively Students will revise their character sketch essays for ideas organization conventions voice word choice and sentence fluency Students will study topics in writing form opinions about the topics and defend their opinions in a debate format Students will take project seriously but have fun with the process nonetheless 1 2 3 4 Creating Your Character Questions to Ask Character's name first middle last Character's age Where did heshe grow up? Describe socio-economic level of character What are character's parents like? What are character's siblings likeor is character an only child? Is character married? Did character go to high school? What was character like in high school? With whom did character associate? Along with attending college does character have a job? What is it? What is character's col major? What music does character listen to? What is character's favorite movie of all time? Where does character like to hang out with Does character have children? What hobbies does character enjoy? What sports does character enjoy? What does character typically read? What characteristics does character look for in hisher friends? When it comes to politics does character care? What are some of character's political opinions? What annoys character more than anything else? friends? Who is character's best friend? Describe character's best friend In character's opinion what would be a great gift? What is the most beautiful thing character has ever seen? What kind of weather is character's favorite? What does character look like? What is character's nickname? How does character dress up? How does character dress down? Does character wear any jewelry? If so what? What is character's birthday? What is character's favorite meal? Does character have any pets? If so what are they? What is character's best feature? Where does character live? What does character like about himherself? What is character's residence like? house apartment dorm trailer etc Does character have a car? Describe it What does character hope to do after graduating from college? What is character's worst habit? What one word best describes character? If someone in character's family described himher what would they say? If character's friends described himher what would they say? If one of character's professors described himher what would they say? What else do we need to know about character What is the funniest or worst thing a sibling ever did to character? What is character's first memory? What was character's favorite toy as a child? Why? What is character's fondest childhood memory? What is character's worst child hood memory? in order to truly know himher? Meme


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