CHARACTER INFO KUROZU-CHO'S CURSE VERTIGO POWER TEACHABLE PERK THE SPIRAL The damage you cause leaves your prey feeling lightheaded A vessel for a near-omnipotent force DIFFICULTY INTERMEDIATE As a child Azami Kurotani sustained an injury to her forehead while trying to impress her crush leaving her with a distinctive crescent-shaped scar But when her crush became friends with her after the accident leading to a string of romantic conquests throughout her teen years she strongly believed that her scar possessed the power to attract boys The Spiral has a Power gauge that builds up over time When the Power gauge is full perform a successful basic attack to apply one of three random curses to a Survivor After damaging a Generator Vertigo is activated The next Survivors to interact with that Generator are COMPLETION TEACHABLE PERK affected by the Oblivious Status Effect for 405060 seconds THE SNAIL CURSE Azami would commute to the town of Kurözu-cho for her education often walking her friend Kirie Goshima home at the end of the day But on one occasion Kirie invited her inside to meet her boyfriend Shuichi Saito With your prey secured your sense of time becomes malleable When afflicted with the Snail Curse a shell-like growth will appear on the Survivor's back The Survivor will suffer from the Exhausted Status Effect It's like looking down from a high placelike vertigo -Shuichi Saito While boys would usually swoon at the sight of Azami Shuichi recoiled in terror ordering Azami to leave and never return But Azami did return later that night demanding to know why he had acted hostile towards her Shuichi explained that the town of Kurözu-cho was contaminated by spirals the residents falling victim to a curse he believed to be the cause of his parents' deaths Desperate to prove his point he told Azami to look in the nearest mirror showing how her scar had begun to form the shape of a spiral When a Survivor is hooked your Movement Speed is increased by 10% when standing 201510 metres THE WHIRLWIND CURSE When afflicted with the Whirlwind Curse the Survivor must rely on being quiet When a Survivor fails a Skill Check a sudden gust of spiralling wind will disorient all Survivors within a 10 metre radius for 45 seconds from the hooked Survivor When the Survivor is BLACK LIGHTHOUSE unhooked Completion will deactivate TEACHABLE PERK Despite Shuichi warning her to leave town Azami went back to his home night after night desperate to be with the only boy who had ever rejected her But as her obsession grew so did the spiral Until she finally managed to trick Shuichi into meeting her at the local park While on her way to meet him Kirie attempted to intervene worried about her friend's recent behaviour Azami was to quick to make her friend leave revealing to her the spiral that was burrowing its way into her head She arrived at the park just in time to reveal her disfigurement to Shuichi but it was far too late for her to be saved A sickening sucking noise could be heard as Azami's body was devoured by the spiral collapsing in on itself until there was nothing left Just as time had sped up when we were on the outskirts in the center of the spiral it stood still -Kirie Goshima Your presence corrupts nearby light sources causing them to unleash blasts of scalding heat THE TWISTED CURSE When afflicted with the Twisted Curse the Survivor's limbs will violently twist and curl The Survivor will suffer from the Broken Status Effect When a Survivor performs a successful flashlight stun they will suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for 405060 seconds Survivors can only be afflicted by one curse at a time When a cursed Survivor is hooked their curse is removed When Azami woke up she noticed two things First her body had reformed save for a large spiral-shaped hole over her left eye And second she was back in the park Only it now looked different Darker Corrupted She could hear people roaming nearby people who would soon fall victim to the spiral's curse DEAD BY DAYLIGHT The flashlight lens normally has concentric patterns But because it was melted out of shape it looked like a spira Kirie Goshima UZUMAKI Dead by Daylight Junji Ito's Uzumaki Fan-Paragraph Meme











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