CHAIR in the languages of Italy Lexical legend Standard Italian sedia type sediasee from Latin sedeo to seat- from PIE sed type seggloseggiola possibly from French siege chair from Latin sedeo to seat codregacareiacodira from Vul Latin cathegra from Latin cothedra seat- fron Ancient Greek Kathedra throne from Kotd down hedra seat- from PIE sed type cothistra from Ancient Greek Kathedro throne type scegna -from Latin scomnum stool bench scogna carego from PIE skobh to support type scragnascronoscorana from Langobardic skronne bench-possibly elated to Latin scomnum corego scranơ type stuolschtui from Old High German stuol from Proto-Germane*stola from p ste~ to stand ll type stor from Proto-Slam seoh-frornm-stehr sepgio segga segga codrea cadira Languages Boundaries Massa- Senigalia Line Arpitan Occitan Roma Ancona Line non-Romance Languages Lombard -Venetian Nones dialect groups political regions Tofen region borden overap with et Apulian -Lucanian Gallo talic of Basilicata Salentino Nortern Calabrian Ligurian Emilian Romagnol Southen Calabrian Central itatian Abruzzese Sicikian Gallo-Ralic of Sicily Waher South Tyrolean Grecanico Griko Arbereshe Molise Croatian ⑥ Central Italian 2 € Sardinian Cimbrian Southern Bavarian Catalan -Gallurese Sassarese Molisan Mocheno The word for 'Chair' in various languagesdialects of #Italy Source Meme











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