CD Pokémon Or Prescription Medication? There's been an accident and we're hoping you can help A truck carrying Pokémon has collided with a delivery van on its way to the pharmacy Everyone is okay but the cargo got all mixed up! Which of the following belong in a Pokéball and which are at home inside a pill bottle? by Jeff Cork 1 Accelgor 6 Domperidone 11 Leavanny 16 Spiriva 2 Benicar 7 Illumise 12 Ledian 17 Staravia 3 Celebi 8 Incivek 13 Nidorina 18 Tranquill 4 Celebrex 9 Januvia 14 Novolog 19 Tricor 5 Crestor 10 Lapras 15 Quilava 20 Vinblastine Answers Pokémon 13710111213151718 Prescription Medication 24568914161920 Magaine@ SSN 1067-6392 published monthly ata subscription price of $1998 for 1 year or $2498 for 2 years by Sunrise Publications 724 North Frst Street 3rd Floor Minneapolis MN 55401812 488-8100 or FAX 612 486-101 Canad&Mam S25yr additionai potage all other international orders add $35yr All arders must be prepaid in US dollars by check money order or credit card Powerp Rewards Pro Card may be purchased for $1200 ncludes $7 00 SAM For subsriptions back u wce mouires call toll free at 866 844-4263 or mal publisher at above address Periodicals postage paid at Minneapols MN and addtional mailing offices SUBSCRIBERSPOSTMASTER Send address changes to Game Informer Magsne 724 Nort F Minnenpols MN 55401 POSTMASTER Send all UAA to CPS over Goue ove CD Pokémon or Medication? Meme











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