BuzzFeed News 2 hrs BuzzFeetD NEWS A Texas woman who refused to remove a Fuck Trump decal from her truck after being called out by a sheriff on Facebook has been arrested on a previous outstanding warrant TRUMP AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM A Texas Woman Is In Jail After A Sheriff Called Out Her Fuck Trump Sticker On Facebook BuzzFeed Fonseca said that she and her husband ordered the giant white sticker that boldly reads FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM 11 months ago telling CNN That's our opinion on him While she said has been repeatedly stopped by law enforcement while driving the truck and received negative reactions particularly among older white men she has refused to remove the decal legitimatelala zurizaldun justbewhereveryouare gaylor-moon lesbianrey ok legend… CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT HOW THE RIGHT WILL KICK AND SCREAM AND CRY AND PISS THEMSELVES OVER THEIR SUPPOSED FREE SPEECH CALLING OTHER PEOPLW SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES AND MAKING FUN OF SAFE SPACES? SO HOLD UP SEVEREAL OF THESE SNOWFLAKES GOT MAD AT A STICKER A FUCKING STICKER PEOPLE SO MAD AT A STICKER THEY LITERALLY CALLED THE POLICE AND TRIED TO ARREST THIS WOMEN NAH DOG BUT LEFT LEANING PEOPLE ARE THE SENSITIVE ONES OHHHHHKAYYYY DUDE hey so I looked it up and she was released on bail so that’s good also the police were trying to argue that she should be charged with DISORDERLY CONDUCT for this and the ACLU was just like… no Y’all she added ANOTHER sticker saying fuck the sheriff who arrested her and she’s considering a civil rights lawsuit against him Making all us Texans proud y’all httpstheslotjezebelcomwoman-targeted-by-sheriff-for-fuck-trump-decal-says-fuc-1820612922 YOURE DOING AMAZING SWEETIE Meme










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