Brock Turner may have avoided real jail time but a college textbook now uses him in their definition of rape so that's something because his home was mere blocks away- he couu man riding a motorcycle extraoedinarily slowly on a colkd night and d gain he was arrested What Chris falled to realize was that the change dr where he lived meant that even his fiest offense was to be treated as a Dui DU he confronted much more severe consequences with harsher the rak of losing everything-his construction business girlfriend friends cense- because of the zero-tolerance poliky now connected with o Rape Rape is another example of a crime that has sson in its definition over time While crime and considered mala in se how it has been has changed For example originally the Fll carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and 2011 the FBI definition was changed to that are considered rape penetration no matter the vagina or anus with a body part or object tion by a sex organ of another person without victim This change included boys and men as behavlor beyond the penetration of a vagina by a the FBI removed the word forcibly from this reflect contemporary understanding of this not necessarily involve force but it does involve a such as when a person is unconscious A recent example is that of rapist Brock Turner Turner a University was caught in the act and three felony charges assault with intent to woman sexually penetrating an intoxicated object and sexually penetrating an unconscious p eign object Turners victim was unconscious rape has Brock Tunet a Scanford student who raped and assauted an unconscious female college student behind a dumpster at a fraternity party was recenthy releused from jail after serving only three months Some it happened behind a trash container outside are shocked at how short this sentence is Others who fratemity house on campus are more familiar with the way sexual violence has been Additional c n the criminal hate that stupid bitch Meme











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