bluebreeze52: libertarirynn: arrghigiveup: Chinese Kids Are Getting Their Parents, Their Parents’ Parents, And Their Parents’ Parents’ Parents Involved In A Meme There’s a new meme in China, and it’s very wholesome. The challenge, called “four generations,” includes four generations of family members making an appearance, from youngest to oldest. A son would call his dad, who then calls his dad, who then calls his dad. And a daughter would call her mom, who calls her mom, who calls her mom. The results are super cute. The videos are being shared on video app Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, under the challenge name, “Four generations under one roof.” [source] [vid source] This is legit the cutest and most wholesome meme omg This is cute as fuck but also do Chinese people just live forever or…? Some of those great-grandparents don’t look much older than 70. I guess Chinese people just have kids earlier or something.  An Asian friend of mine once shared this comic about how Asians age and it was like they just are completely ageless and young looking for the first 50 years of life and then suddenly turn tiny and old and honestly from my experience that seems pretty accurate 😂