Beaufort County Animal Control 3931 US Hwy 264 East Washington NC 27889 animal controleco fortncus JJ ID#1998 Please share these Beaufort County NC dogs and puppies far and wide The shelter is full and that means that a lot of these perfectly adoptable furbabies may never have a home again and it is of no fault of their own They all deserve to be loved and cherished just as much as our own They will be forever grateful to you! Beaufort County NC Animal Control 3931 US 264 Highway E WASHINGTON NC 27889 Email shelter staff at animalcontrol@cobeaufortncus For info on possible volunteer assistance email wagofgagf@aolcom Adoption fee is $75 which includes spayneuter pd shot bordetella microchip and deworming Approved 501c3 Rescues can pull for $20 which includes pd shot bordetella microchip and deworm Don't wait or it may be too late PLEASE READ - RULES FOR USE OF THIS PAGE AND OUR PICTURES THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA TOLERATED ON THIS PAGE OR IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE POSTING AND CROSSPOSTING OF THE ANIMALS IN THIS ALBUM DRAMA DOES NOT SAVE LIVES BUT RATHER INHIBITS OUR ABILITY TO WORK EFFICIENTLY IN SAVING LIVES If you have a question or comment please email it to animalcontrol@cobeaufortncus and DO NOT CALL the shelter Animal control officers are very busy with walk-ins adopters rescue groups calls for service animal care etc If you will email and leave your phone number and reason for contacting them they will return your call at their earliest convenience THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLERANCE of harsh wording fighting cursing or unkind comments about any rescue or individual Posts containing such will be deleted and the persons involved will be blocked and reported Any threatening language towards the facility staff or admins will result in IMMEDIATE blocking! Negative remarks and the mob mentality will NOT help get the animal out and it only discourages those people working here trying to help get them out If you are unhappy with anything or anyone during the rescueadoption of an animal please deal with that person privately and not here on this page If we are aware of any crossposters using our links or photos to crosspost on sites that may cause a rash of phone calls to the shelter or post anything negative about the shelter that person will be banned immediately So please if you crosspost our links or pictures do NOT make references to gassing killing murdering or encourage people to contact this shelter local officials etc We have a great staff of ACOs here at this shelter that we fully support and will not tolerate anyone in any way trashing this shelter If you want to deal with no-kill agenda items please consider starting at the top of the pyramid and write letters to North Carolina officials to change things at the state level Please contact the shelter ONLY IF YOU INTEND TO TRY TO RESCUE OR ADOPT THE animal This is a small facility with limited staffing They are busy during open hours caring for animals picking up strays and helping walk-in adopters and rescue organizations and do not have time to answer status update calls or curiosity calls For the most part you can depend on the Petango listing to let you know if a dog is still available or not The only exceptions are dogs that are rescue only or considered dangerous or feral They are not listed on Petango We will update the status of each dog as it is available We welcome out of state adoptionsrescue but we do NOT provide transport! Occasionally we are able to find a volunteer to get an animal to a drop point for transport pick up if not too far but the shelter DOES NOT ARRANGE OR PARTICIPATE in transports so don't even ask PLEASE have transport set up We simply CANNOT transport an animal for you Many people here have great resources for transport Ask for help and I am sure there are many people that are willing to help! Rescue organizations must submit their 501c3 information and be approved in advance If you are not a pre-approved 501c3 or are 501c3 pending you must follow adoption procedures Please be aware that 501c3 information submitted to the shelter is thoroughly checked for legitimacyWe do welcome offers of sponsorship to 501c3 rescues on the animals in this album Sponsorship often encourages a rescue to take an animal in Sponsorship money will be paid directly to the pulling 501c3 rescue and ONLY AFTER the dog has left the facility Sending money before a dog is pulled only encourages scammers Also sponsorship money goes ONLY to approved rescues and NOT to individuals If you pledge to help KEEP your commitment Anyone pledging then backing out once animal is rescued will be blocked We will post all we know about each animal Sometimes we know absolutely nothing Sometimes we will have limited information from former owners Sometimes we can post evaluations if available We try to monitor this page throughout the day but please BE PATIENT Our admins are not able to sit at the computer 247 We all work jobs have families and have our own dogs and fosters to deal with PLEASE do not post a bunch of UPDATES?!?!!?!? every 10 minutes If there are any changes in an animal’s status we will post as so Detailed rescue and adoption procedures found here httpswwwfacebookcomEncShelterDogsnotes Meme










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