batslime one-time-i-dreamt hidingmurklins halffizzbin yeahhiyellow dontwantthenextcommanderiwantyou tariqah dogsanddiscourse thatpettyblackgirl Brianna Brochu Brianna Brochu Brianna Brochu Brianna Brochu Brianna Brochu Brianna Brochu Brianna Brochu Brianna Brochu So can we all just report her “Harassed” she attempted to poison her roommate in numerous ways who as a result was left incredibly sick and traumatized The victim Jazzy Rowe has a GoFundMe that I haven’t seen being spread gfmeuj5anmn She hasn’t met her goal in 9 months You may not be able to donate but you better believe I’m judging every single one of you if you don’t reblog this to atleast spread the word like yall do for all these wyt pipo claiming to need $100k for vet bills or $75k for school supplies As of April 11 2020 she still hasn’t reached her goal please boost!!! Here’s the GoFundMe link again This disgusting behaviour left a girl physically and psychologically ill On top of medical bills to pay this young woman was unable to attend school due to illness and now has to pay for wasted student loans She worked extra hard to get to college only to be literally poisoned by an aggressively racist room mate for which she continues to pay dearly This is unacceptable Please help Jazzy Rowe recover from this If you can’t contribute financially you can still do your part by passing this on We’re a little closer!! People may be seeing this and thinking it’s old because they’ve seen it for a couple years now it was created May 2018 and TODAY May 5th 2020 she has STILL not reached her goal!! Please at least reblog and give her a boost Meme











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