basiliskfree Today's problem what do chairs for dragons look like carbisari big comfy piles of pillows basiliskfree Well that don't work in the scene I'm doing it's too cute not to draw BSlir Fre carbisari DAWWW SO CUTE> noivern they use human chairs but really badly rareandradiant-maiden same circesadventures Wait elongated chairs y'all Eight chair legs instead of one they can lie down majestically and put their chins on the table like they were always meant to @basiliskfree basiliskfree DakFr I'm not sure if this is silly or a good idea lol noivern HOw MANY TINES DO HANE TO TELL YOU NOT TO REST YOUR CHIN ON THE DINNER TABLE?? uCH Mum NO ONE ACTUALLY CARES AROUT THAT it's not polite! thatll-do you're a dragon manners mean jackshit nothing daedricsheep excuse you dragons are pillars of nobility and composure thatll-do you're a dragon who's gonna stop you? hmm? the dragon politeness upkeep taskforce? daedricsheep I mean other dragons are really the only thing a dragon fears dateadragonsuggestion Date a dragon who uses big comfy piles of pillows as chairs Date a dragon who tries to use chairs for humans but has trouble Date a dragon who uses elongated chairs made just for dragons Date a dragon who is a pillar of nobility and composure Date a dragon who rests their chin on the table hornyreptiles I love this post way too much not to reblog it blizzardvern AaааAAAAAAААAА The cutest damn things Ive ever seen communistchexmix @basiliskfree @noivern a solution giant beanbag chairs basiliskfree Draw that in a separate post also these AT Gonsk Free Have you Tried Turning it on and off again? Ces1sk Free dovewithscales I just lay on the floor Maybe with something soft under me kyrothedragon Just Idk Try sonoranscales If I don't reblog the dragon chair post assume I'm dead iwantthatdickgrayson Wow emberphoenix-san That last one is the embodiment of Uses human chairs but badly Source basiliskfree ekFree Dragons on Chairs Meme




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