Barack Hussein Obama Hillary Clinton Joe Biden Michelle Obama the fascist demoerats and the state of Califoenia are kiling roscopic Nanorobotics is the technology of creating machines or robots at or close to the microscopic scale of a nanometer 10-9 textures and chemicals perform complex calculations move communicate and work together conduct molecular assembly and to some extent repair or even repcate themiselves Nanotechnology is the science and application of creating obyects on a object by assembling one atom at a time Nanomanufacturing is the creation of materials and products through 1 Direct products 2 Indirect Crystalline Assembly CA-creation of conditions that foster the growth of nanoscale crystals that are ten conned into macroscale matenais and producs of s Massivearane Asseny MPAhe creation r ay into macroscale materials and products An autonomous 0NA nanorobot is capable of transporting molecular payloads to cells can be loaded with a variety of materials in a highly organized fashion and is controlled by an aptamer-encoded logic gate built at the molecular level of matter A chronie electrode implant is an eectoc evice laned ce y ora neurons with electrical impulses from an external source Symptoms of Nanobot mind control are as follows Microwave hearing trainsmision of spec c hers inte bain i eiectromanet radiation waves Manioulation of engonsreadingnugnts femotely cusing pain to any nerve of the body remote manipulation of human behavior from brain such as retrieving memories implanting personalities vomiting severe twitching of the head physical restraint without an ouo eysica roce puaion rnes ought and eye gt o ack nis or ner icah pylgica apuadon through implanted thoughts to force a person to perform actions that are not possessing abnomai serual behaviors and fetishes the stimulation of ones own body part in order to insight a feeling of touch coel qur theue o the man brain and gives governments the ability to vertebral nanobots which controls our spines abdominal nanobots which controls the anatomy of the internal organs interacts with the optical nanobots that are implanted into my eyes! The actions of the computerized images of Obama are as into me face Chama snittininto my e ama soitting ino my food and is Chama maninuating my dreams m cis Oheo re o ickung yea oama sucking mouths and ss they do so they then stimulate a crackling sensation in my ears Obama possessing my body while i pray obama open mouth kissing me bama mrderng my famy andrucng them onto a wa obama attacng and raping my Hilary Clinton is torturing me by implanted thoughts of her screaming 'war in my head Hillary Clinton appearing as a demon sdomeand lay man me deamsdttorrmas d emplag hugcs tob stabn agsptg at snoog nng plantng exampleI would see his name in the sky the moon in the clouds my eyes and forehead as i would look in a mior Te ts into my brain of her stabbing me hitting me manipulating my face by enlarging lips forcing me to act like a woman Michelle obama tortures me we maseep by ing cmezdms my bn anMche d upon me becausei made a short video explaining that Obama is not African American because his father is from East Africa and torturing people with nanotechnology While iving in California where I was tortured the most by Obama I was gasping for ai begging dbanna to stop impanng te nae Jde iden into my brah Obamas respose via a terepathic eectrical signa saw and feit him open mouth kissing me The 700 Muslims that Obama was referring to were the 717 Muslims that died on manipulate the economies of the countries that represented the piligrims of those that attended Halj during September 26 2015 foreign countries Electronic harassmentelectronic tortureelectronic murder is about harassment torture and murder using to many ilnesses andor injuries These weapons are not science-fiction but used today illegally by your national secret services ontmoauy randont vits a beng dne to eqency wve tat can acossa persons the word to sucrue torture to be labed me and omate aney and hbe dethopers are in varying intensity The physical torture is used for mind control which should lead to the extinction of my personality as well as various the halls stes in the S teeng f tearng and chushing of the abdominal muscles narrowing of the bronchi and trachea-exhalation flows only shortened by itself must exhale stepped or suocadinte ao evagw ea c le t of 2014 These manipulations can be increased in intensity The more I resist the more I get manipulated with subliminal the wact and if afails it will simply beinduced more intense this cantake seral bour ad the nhsicalnainin m seal S Calves fas ascdtr me ct trsok od m oance srensxtee sdeneating up especy theed neck torsooong the ody the body temperature apsto preferably in the nostrils and on the upper and lower eyelid marginExtreme Fatique Pulsing and twitching in various locations f she ucper rmik a bcomputer interte BLELYINTEGRATED uma h Thre arema implants nano scale the use of polymercarbon based diamonoid nano wire integrates the system in nano scale it is one aS 4 CLORAL NSTWORK OF ORGANIZED CEIME Eoded hy goveroments laber unions law enforcement miltarycorporations DAFPA IS Derhans one of the largest criminal companies Under the synthetic telepathy program synthetic soldier program Using bio-telemetry and ground operativesand the use of wireless dialup technology if you are hearing these criminals you been inserted throuph the nose and is nw at the frontal inhe of the brain Yesthere are mbotic imolants that moue thepunh t traumatic brain injury and control the brain My targeters are members of organized crime the dept of justice FBI DHS CIA union members university students gangs etc the list goes on and on There are many that are involved My computerized lech as simple as ceceiv acellbecncrs bes dd erArtficial technology involved is identical to that of celliphone technology Satellites link the sender and the receiver A computer cell The recveris located and tracked with pinpoint accuracy to within a few feet of actual location But the receiver is not a cell prime ts am p r hct obded as a ef technology that utilizes both nano-scale materials ie materials having charactenistic dimensions of 1-100 nanometerss as well engineering of proteins that can then be assembled into larger functional structures 116-117 91 The implementation of nanotechnolog as defined in this o senproves scienists h y to engineioleu syss Hussein Obama Michelle Obama Hlary Clinton Joe Biden and every last fascist democrat must stand trial for the ilegal capabilties that Barack Hussein Obama is using against innocent Americans such as myself Wael Ghafari in order to teepanically tonure people thar disageewih m Mind uploading or woe bran eaon sometimes cad a anste another computational device The computer would have to run asimulation model so faithful to the original that it would assumed to be part of a virtual reality simulated world supported by a simplified body simulation model Alternatively the asted n oud e asumed to lese comer insioe or co d toanum r r a dgcoy platform for plugging in arrays of tiny devices each sporting hundreds of contacts The European research group also is dtnenense be compromised by the sun or atmosphere or not make it to its destination your body Such as a virus RN ese fhers can be found all over the internet or in the physical examoles section of this site The fibers must be independently soraved if ney were oded to the jet ruer tne eeme ear woud estroy the payd NM wks rotey o controlne bran in orerto the human brain thinks at a rate of about o bits per second and does not have the capacity to compete wth supecomputers the RNM system supercomputers are being used and thus with its help supercomputers can send messages through an t is expected that NA mirochips will be implanted in the human brain which would make it inherenly controlable Wh M present around the world supercomputers are monitoring millions of people simultaneously with the speed of 20 billion bits per he bran for kNM and the electrorm ban x t he EM Bran Staton systerm has been desighed 85 taisbon However it is not related to radioactivity or nuciear detonation The recording machines in the signals intelligence system have metor all electricalactesin the brin The ecdion aid tm d inddbeain mans fr sec can uposes 18 January 2010- Whar Mold mt dust cpoceria scalar waves GWEN towers Dwave Quantum super computers Black goo Gray Goo Goo-gle and Archons have in common? enes own thoughts feeinas and actions from anywhere in the world anytime using smart dust released from gegengineering point where we are all Phase I affected and many TI's targeted individuals are Phase ll where voices are inside your head body natural conclusion is that the perpetrators have something to gain by doing this to us We are victims of experimentation done on mnand witnour consent wo areas of reseah r in h an extreme reality TV stunt It will mark the era of personal memory officoading an adaptive memory technology that records The basic PMD would be no more complex than a nano chip implant in the brain that captures your every experience APMD d e lorer than a cellobone Onre intaled dcoc nlad all St ted memories to a centralized database for indexing search and recall An exocortex is a theoretical artificial external information An individual's exocortex would be composed of external memory modules processors 10 devicesand software systems that would interact with and augment a person's biological brain Typically this interaction is described as being conducted through exocortices could be classified as cyborgs or transhumans Barack Hussein Obama Michelle Obama Hillary Clinton Joe Biden the international political scene in the last few years confirm that the concept of remote control of human brain is a matter of introducing a giobal ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of surveilance of an individual is used as an integral part of such influencing and the term gPsychotronic Tortureh comes from invalidates and incapacitates a person These invisible and non-traceable technological assaults on human beings are done in heart and perpiheral nervous system the signals sent from the cortex region of the brain to other parts of our body the tiny hair activity We are on the threshold of an era in which these data processors of the human body may be manipulated or debilitated with feelings of pleasure derived from eating and sex A research survey conducted by Morten Kringebach senior feliow at ea can prouc pere as e a uga spasy ne age s s produce pleasure in women He calls it the Orgasmatron a name taken from an orgasmoroducing device in the 1973 Woody people like myself by implanting artificial thoughts of him and his sples raping me into my brain in order to drive me insane The that renders thenm to feal raned and sodomined hama illay Clinton oe de Michele hama and fasist democrat God bless the Republicans of which are not guilty of violating freedom Electromagnetic weapons operate at the speed of light and leave no physical evidence Electromagnetic weagons have been tested on human beings since 1976 By widely dpersing h vdnty buman rne d b dis r the United States to This utimate weapon system is currently being deployed in Iraq The US Air Force and the Marine Corps refer to it as 'active light where the energy of the radiation is capable of breaking chemical bonds tonizing radiation is generally acknowiedged to wwes that are ued in moble phoes and telecommunications The iIS ernmet has strenucusy dlenied tat there could he heaa azards rm noonzng eedoagedfa n boh as a oerence of the aly namanes as been The only biological effect of non-ionizing radiation that the US govermment has acknowledged for many years is heating and e new Cres th these eascancoe neneration of weaons that are much mere affective in tot and kii threatened by nuclear weapons Nuclear weapons are of course terrible weapons however they cannot be used without leaving idence These are weapons hased on radio waves Attacks with these weapgns are indsible and can oo through walls We are taking a as well as eoupmet ocad and infuce the d os ae widely ned h pons services and the military This happens all over the world and due to their high tech character more commonly in our overnment but have covertly been used against people like whistleblowers activists politicians-to steal to eliminate-for several decaded And in rer to eveop a perect tee wns raoo oraly me Wom and children afeo onsena anything about this There is a group of people on whom these weapons are tested in order to further develop their capablities They call themseives Taroeted Individuals and despite usually being keat totaly isolated by their attackers in recent vears theey s that crimes against citizens These are inhumane and degrading crimes against mankind a disgrace to the human race! Above is are being tested in prisons in the United States Minds can be controlled from nearby equipment or cell towers Sound weapons e seto move pee away irom ceanreasin adoto ere are the a e aso cad s infuence the weather and cause earthquakes One of the most powerful weapons are now targeting some of the chvilan mind reading and artificial intelligence Pecple who are involved in the development of imvasive imaging of the brain and hervous systemout iheir comseent s ho legai protection no ua andho stead f receng Vadmr Pu and bmiry Medvdthe greatet acist have egaly maned mions of Nanobs io therns Obama has secretly traded nanobot technology information with the Russian Federation under the leadership of Viadimir Putin secret agents used the technology ag e in rer to pols yr i d panes ave deveoped severe pan in te ohn of dups in te ower se o hy he viadi Pun as used ane obot aganst him and the fascist dictator oebama Barack Hussein 0bama has given permission to Viadimir Putin and his KG8 spies and Dmitry Medvedev have threatened to kill me by implanting highly poisonous Nanobots into my anatomy The fascist dictators Barack Hussein Obama Joe Biden Hillany Clinton Michelle Obama Vadimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev have shown acks oet th P ad m di f t Russians and torturing innocent people night and day over acts of freedom Viadimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev along with ent pecole from Ukraine by controlling the minds and bodies of the Ukrainians through cacobot technology The victims of mind conrol torture in ne are suering m ancbot mind control rape Viadmr Pn and bmtry Mevedev are saboting the are equal in terms of dictating people and all share similar forms of political movements in terms of governing and ruling a as Hitler did while he was alive Electromagnetic signals from cell phones can change our brainwaves behaviors and can be used as weapons of mind control toture cel phones use radio waves to communicate Kadio waves transport digzed voice called frequency Radio waves cary the information and travel in air at the speed of light Cell phones transmit radio waves in al receiving specific frequencies of radio waves While older generation cell phones have external or extractable antennas moden nteract wih te ransmision ante an coue to the panen r tne ansdsgnl Ater all inear cereral Swinburne University of Technology in Mebourne Australia tested whether cell phone transmissions could alter a person's characteristic brain-wave pattern called alpha waves in the person's brain was boosted significantly The increased alpha wave bedeffect Our cell bopes aebeipeused aoitaa the lo i ble propagates from the entre cell phone and as a result the electromagneic radiabon waes can manipulate our thoughts and their products are capable of radiating electromagnetic radiation waves that are not part of the cell phones basic use of allow the victim to see a comouterized halrinationt Our cell chopes can manioudata facial nerves by maan c s to thoughts implanting artificial thoughts manipulating our biology and physical appearance The screens of our cell phones can Governments and areas of economic powers such as large corporations can manipulate what we can re pnes byrsng e oe ba de e from the screens of ps wethous the threat of ftcsre ftmst e f l t t h c c transmit and receive radio waves that are only for the use of verbal communication There must be federal laws of freedoms anst the c copaes by haveg a second body or eectroie engirs a are aole to analyso the cell pnes eetica cell phone and detect past and or present treating radio waves! Before the establishment of these federal laws we must first mcmesa attack ments dinbic f u tax ainn dolars to icreasrserchf oteoy and rowave err s ciuzes e pg ogove s to eves nd torreus radio frequenciest We as human beings must demand the information obtained from the billions that were funded to support f all forms of STICK OUT MY TONGUE!!! OBAMA'S SECRET AGENTS ARE USING MICROWAVES TO MANIPULATE MY FINGER SO THAT I ARTIFICIAL THOUGHTS OF THEM KISSING MY LIPS! 0BAMAS SECRET AGENTS ARE USING ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION WAVES TO MANIP O S ALL BECAUSE IMADE A 1 MINUTE YOUTUBE VIDEO SAY OBAMA ISNT AFRICAN AMERICAN! OBAMA AND HIS SPIES ARE GENTS CELLPHONE THE SECRET AGENTS ARE TRANSMITTING ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION WAVES AT ME OF WHICH is AGENTS ARE USING ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION WAVES TO MANIPULATE MY TONGUE BY FORCING TO STICK IT OUT E CR ECE AND NeE UNG THE EME WANES TO ACTIVATE THE NNOGHRS IN Mry THROATCO LIKE FABLACK MAN KISSING ME THE IMPLANTED FACE IS EFFECTING MY UPS THE E COMPERM THE REASCN WNY ORAMAS SECRET 40EMTS DISL KE CO NEMUS RECAURE OF SOCU WORK CONTROL TORTURE IF WE THE REPUBLICANS DO NOT FIGHT AGAINST OBAMA AND HIS SECRET AGENTS WE WILL THEN INTERACTING WITH THE IMPLANTED NANOBOTS THAT ARE IN MY BRAIN AND BODY THE ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION ELE EARN BADIO CEL COMELER LHT R NDSTEEETIGNTEC THE ELECTEO AS A CABLE RADIATION WAVES INTERACT WITH THE NANO CHIPS AND THE MICROSCOPIC ELECTRODES THAT ARE IMPLANTED IN MY MNOROFS WILALETO SENE ND ADART To ENRONMENTA STISUCH AS HEAT LIQNT SOUNDS SURFACE TEXTURES AND CHEMICALS PERFORM COMPLEX CALCULATIONS MOVE COMMUNICATE AND WORK TOGETHER eTHE SCIENCE AND APRLCATIONCREATINGICTS ON ALENE LERTHAN0NANETES THE EXTEEMS 1 DIRECT MOLECULAR ASSEMBLY DMA-DISCRETE DIRECTED ASSEMBLY OF INDIVIDUAL ATOMS AND MOLECULES INTO FOSTER THE CROTH OF NANO E CESTALS TAT S THENCoNEDNOMCesCALE MATLLS ND ORE ORSBAT RSTERSC THEMTOWOR yNERISTLO ASSEMBLAT ESNTO MACROSCALE MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS A CHRONIC ELECTRODE IMPLANT IS AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE IMPLANTED SCTRICAL MR SESTHE RRAIN OR MAY STIM ATE NEURONS WITH ELECTRICAL MPULSESEROM ANEXTERNAL THINK DEMOCRAT ALLIES BECAUSE OF OBAMAS POLICIES OF LEGALIZING MARLJUANA THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA UNDER OBAMA TO POSSESS MY BRAIN AND BODY IN ORDER TO TORTURE ME! ORAMA AND HIS DEMOCRAT FASCIST ALLIES HAVE ARNORMALLY THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA IS FASCIST AND ARE EXTREMELY LOYAL To OBAMA AND HIS FASCIST BIDEN INTO My RRAIN AND ARE SENDING SECRET AGENTSLOKAL TO TORTURE PEOPLE THAT DISOBEY OBAMAS INITIATIVES! OBAMA HAS TURNED CALIFORNIA INTO A FASCIST DICTATING SHORT YOUTURE VIDEO STATING THAT ORAMAISNT AFRICAN AMERCAN RECAUSE HS ATHER IS FROMEAST AFRICA CANT SLEEP BECAUSE OF OBAMA'S NANOBOT KEEPING ME AWAKE AT NIGHT AND WAKINO ME EARLY IN THE MORNINO THE LEWD AND VIOLENT IMPLANTED COMPUTERIZED SETTING SICK TO THE POINT WHEREIN I MAY VOMIT BECAUSE ALONG WITH PROVOCATIVE PHRASES THE COMPUTERIZED THOUGHTS ARE ALSO IN THE FORM OF VIOLENT AND LEWD THIS TO ME BY TRANSMITTING ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION WAVES INTO MY BRAIN AND BODY FROM ALL ELECTRONIC MPLANT PHASESINTO MY BRAIN WHEN LORINK BYy MEANS OF NANOTECHNOLOGY PHRASES SUCH 4SAMKE TO RAME WHLEAT ASHELWASeNMED TELEACALLY RYSECST 4ENT TATORANAA ESTED 10 MILLION US TAX PAYING DOLLARS OF NANCBOTS TECHNOLOGY ON ME IN ORDER TO MANIPULATE MY THOUGHTS AND HRASES IN MY FAMILY MEMBERS BRAINS IN ORDER TO SAROTAGE MY LIFEL ORAMA HAS IMPLANTED LEWD AND VIOLENT ENOUGH TO STOP THE ATTACKS I AM STILL SUFFERING FROM OBAMA'S CRUEL AND PROVOCATIVE ATTACKS AGAINST ME IMPLANTED SEXUAL COMPUTERIZED IMAGES OF HIM RAPING MY BROTHERS! OBAMA IS INSANE AND HAS ABUSED HIS TELEPATHIC LINK BETWEEN HIM ANDIEY MEANS OF NANOBOT TECHNOLOGY WHEREIN HE STATED THAT HE OBAMA WOULD GO TO SCHOOL WHEN I ASKED WHY TELEPATHICALLY THE ANSWER WAS THAT OBAMA DRINKS A LOT OBAMA IS ECTECNNC PECESL OLLT RCS ARSNOW 4 THEEAT TO OLR LNES THERE ISNOIOoNDER ANACT HOLD CONSTITUTION IN THE UNITED STATES UNDER THE FASCIST OBAMAS bicTATORSHIP MAY GOD BLESS THE REPUBLICAN IMPLANT ARTIFICIAL THOUGHTS INTO MY UNCLES BRAIN S E HOIN TER S SECRET AGENTS BELONG TO THE MILITARY AND THEY CAN YELL AND YAWN IN MY BRAIN THEY WOKE Recly Buried in there OBAMA'S SECRET AGENTS ARE USING ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION WAVES THAT OF WHICH ARE BEING PROPAGATED FROM ALL THE ELECTRONIC DEVICES IN MY BEDROOM TO CONTROL AND MANIPULATE MY FACE AND FORCE ME TO STICK OUT MY TONGUE! Meme











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