Ban Fracking <p><a href=httprightsidedtumblrcompost104889464792 class=tumblr_blog>rightsided<a><p> <blockquote><p><a class=tumblr_blog href=httprunningrepublicantumblrcompost104885180802markruffalo-new-yorkers-governor-cuomo>runningrepublican<a><p> <blockquote> <p><a class=tumblr_blog href=httpmarkruffalotumblrcompost104706048725new-yorkers-governor-cuomo-signaled-in-october>markruffalo<a><p> <blockquote> <p>New Yorkers! <span>Governor Cuomo signaled in October that he will make a decision about whether to open New York to fracking before the end of the year It’s time for him to make that decision now by banning fracking You can help by placing a call to the Governor More info <em><a href=httpactcredoactioncomcallcall_cuomo_fracking_2014?t=1&ampakid=12312894208MceO36><span>HERE<span><a><em><br><span><p> <blockquote> <p>OP is <a class=tumblelog href=httptmblrcom-GeqjH2fmLP0u2daEze6lg>markruffalo<a> a <a href=httpstwittercommarkruffalostatus215886757365948416>wealthy actor who can afford a Tesla<a> The main issue here is that while our friend Ruffalo here can afford a Tesla most people can not His <a href=httpwwwcelebritynetworthcomrichest-celebritiesactorsmark-ruffalo-net-worth>net worth is roughly $20 Million dollars<a> I understand that acting is his forte but his economic knowledge is limited to that of the average person <p> <p>This issue is Mark that when you suggest banning fracking you freeze the supply of oil If you allow oil prices to fall it probably won’t make a difference for people like you or I Mark However those who truly live paycheck to paycheck need to find savings in their budgets Lower oil prices could be one of those savings <p> <p>Now before someone responds with “but muh environment” fracking has been proven safe The only threat is a surface spill of chemicals which occurs with any form of drilling and really occurs in many industries ultimately it is unavoidable <a href=httprunningrepublicantumblrcomtaggedenviroment>When it does occur we don’t need to write legislation but rather simply enforce existing property rights<a><p> <blockquote> <p><em>The idea stressed by fracking critics that deep-injected fluids will migrate into groundwater is mostly false Basic geology prevents such contamination from starting below ground A fracture caused by the drilling process would have to extend through the several thousand feet of rock that separate deep shale gas deposits from freshwater aquifers According to geologist Gary Lash of the State University of New York at Fredonia the intervening layers of rock have distinct mechanical properties that would prevent the fissures from expanding a mile or more toward the surface It would be like stacking a dozen bricks on top of each other he says and expecting a crack in the bottom brick to extend all the way to the top one What’s more the fracking fluid itself thickened with additives is too dense to ascend upward through such a channel<em><p> <p><em>-Seamus McGraw Popular Mechanics <em><p> <blockquote> <p>It would be cool if <a class=tumblelog href=httptmblrcom-GeqjH2fmLP0u2daEze6lg>markruffalo<a> responded to this with an opinion or his thoughts<p> <blockquote> <p><span>I mean a forward-thinking man of the people Occupier of Wall Street guy like Ruffalo surely would not want to see such a <span><em>crony-capitalist oligopolistic<em><span> <span><em>Cartel <em><span>like<span><span>OPEC maintain such a strong grip on world economics through their exploitive price gouging because other nations deciding to stifle their own oil production as though oil production was <span><em>a woman wishing to drive in Saudi Arabia<em><span> I say “Surely not!”<span><p> <p>Being anti-oil is easy when <strike>SHIELD<strike> <strike>movie studios<strike> other people pay for your limoprivate airfare costs<p> <p>But the proletariat really should abandon the bourgeois idea of wanting cheaper household heating costs especially the elderly read elderly living on fixed income in the Winter months It’s not like we have a problem with those people dying of cold-related issues or anything <span><span><span><span><a href=httpwwwcdcgovnchsdatanhsrnhsr076pdf>x<a><span><span><span><span><p> <p><img alt=image src=https78mediatumblrcom188283ba3379047e33c42d4cc74607a0tumblr_inline_nge9ctfxCc1r9df2npng><p> <p>Plus it’s not like people can save anywhere from a couple hundred to over a thousand dollars a year because of lower gas prices But what’s a couple C notes to a guy like <strike>the Hulk<strike> <strike>Bruce Banner<strike> Mark Ruffalo?<p><blockquote> Meme

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