badassbusinessbabe I put an offer out there and it didn't sell What do I do next? Hold on didn't Steve Jobs sell like three computers the first time they put the Mac out? Okay 47000 But he predicted 22 million so it was basically a flop Most of the time almost always it's never something wrong with your product Your product is probably awesome I bet it's amazing Your just doing three things wrong 1 You're probably not marketing it properly 2 You don't have a launch strategy 3 Your marketing it to no one because you have an unengaged audience in front of you It's that simple Your product must speak directly to a problem it solves And if you don't speak to a problem or a specific result no one will buy your offer no matter how magical it is 2nd where is your launch strategy? We have a very specific clear launch strategy for every single one of our programs and offers lf you want it it's on Badass business babe and the course is called secret sellout strategy But girl please let me give you some sound advice have a launch plan Follow specific steps to create hype and engagement around your offer and to show people this is actually something they need You need a plan !! Throwing things up on the internet and saying here buy this is not a plan It's exhausting to run a business that way It's not your product that sucks it's you! But enrol in one of my courses to get the help you need to scale your biz and all the things!!! Meme




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