aydenisabadkid airdramon awenyddogamulosx ruthlesswoodcarver mothensidhe fatfury omgxchrissy cumleak deux-zero-deux demands-with-menace Queen Hatshepsut of Ancient Egypt She has a lovely smile for someone who’s been dead for thousands of years she wasn’t a queen she was a pharaoh and wanted to be referred to as such she even had her statues modeled after the male pharaoh’s statues to state her dominance and authority she was actually one of the most successful pharaohs in all of ancient egyptian history and she reigned longer than any other woman in power in egypt damn no wonder she died and smiled for a trillion years afterwards The fact that we know about her is marvelous the next Pharaoh after her Tuthmosis III tried to erase Hatshepsut out of history chiseled her name off her monuments covered the text on her obelisks with stoneknocked down and defaced her statues she was even left off the list of pharaohs talk about some patriarchy bullshit her name was lost for a couple of millennia her body was found in a unmarked grave in early twentieth century sad part is in Egyptian belief is if your are forgotten in the living world you don’t exist in the afterlifeso he was trying to kill her even in death My best friend throwing down some herstory A+ commentary She wore a fake beard you guysShe was the fucking boss If we remember her now does that save her from an awful afterlife? I’m just picturing the Kemetic afterlife All the Pharaohs are hanging out in some kind of swanky club drinking and congratulating each other on being bros The doors slam open and Hatshepsut strides in glorious robes swirling rocking the fake beard and the insane amounts of wealth and power “Miss me bitches?” Then she punches Tuthmosis III straight in the dick Reblog so Hatshepsut can dick punch tuthmosis in the afterlife Meme


best friend









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