ask-kirby-sans paddysnuffles cyhiraeth jumpingjacktrash vertisol offendedfunyarinpa dduane laurelai angelalchemy standbyfortitanfall girlwithalessonplan heliosapollo losed A CROW TRIED TO GO IN OUR CLASSROOM AND HE HAD A PEN yes hello i am here to learn geometries That crow is more prepared than some of my students You’ve all just like completely skipped over the possibility that this crow has seen people using pens in this room found one and is trying to return it There’s been videos of crows picking up sweet wrappers and stuff and placing them in bins after seeing humans put their litter in bins I really do believe that this crow is trying to return the pen and that is ADORABLE AS HELL THEY ARE SO SMART I LOVE THEM Crows are thought to be self aware by some scientists Its perfectly possible the crow wants to return the pen to humans Knowing it belongs to humans Corvids Who KNOWS Another cool crow deal Once when trying to assess if crows could reason and use tools scientists had two crows who didn’t know each other each take a wire from a table one was hooked one was straight and try to grab meat from a bottle with it The crows could see each other though they had separate bottles Only the straight wire worked for this so they hypothesized that if crows could reason the second trial would have the two crows fighting over the straight wire The second trial started and to the surprise of the scientists the two crows both went for the bent wire one held it down and the other unbent it They both got meat out of their bottles They came to a peaceful solution without verbal communication Crows are probably smarter than we are they still shit all over the place and eat garbage ok but so do we @neurodivergent-crow Cool facts about crows 1 Crows understand the concept of gifts There’s a little girl who started feeding the murder by her house and they started bringing her trinkets cool pebbles coins shiny things bleached animal bones etc as a thank you 2 Crows remember who has been kind to them and tell other crows about the nice humans There are various examples of people who have helped crows and the crows not only come back to say hi but also bring friends who need help over for the nice human to help 3 Crows are the only other animal known to make tools in order to make another tool 4 Crows have been proven to have a sense of self If you mark them with a coloured dot that they can see and then show them their reflection in a mirror they soon realize that the reflection is them and not another crow 5 Crows have regional dialects and accents They are also able to copy each other’s dialects and accents to fit in if they move to an area where the accent is different 6 Crows regularly visit their parents after leaving the nest They also regularly live with their parents after reaching adulthood to help with raising their younger siblings for up to five years before moving out Crows are better than people Meme











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