arianod rainbowbarnacle alexander-lamington gallusrostromegalus jhaernyl botanyshitposts spirit-of-science thebloggerbloggerfun teafortrouble eteo fall-for-nothing trickster-eridan buttpilgrim scientificperfection kittiesinthemorning I just don’t understand how this happened But here’s a picture of a lemon from my backyard WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK when life gives yoǘ̻̬͓͎̣̟̩̦͢ ͪ̂̀̆҉̳̘̝̺̀l͇̬̹̞̻̥͕̥̗̒̎ͩ̋ͥ͆e͙̭̭̠̣̠̊́ͩ̂̓̀ṃ̛̍̂͛̈̏o̠̪̪ͤ͗͘n̵͉̣ͭͧ̿ͧ͛̀s̷̠͑ͬͫͦ̅͡ ̸͐ͤ͘҉̦̺M̰̹͙͇ͮ̉ͫͅȦ̻̔̅̇̑ͭ͛͋͘K̠̻̫̤̇̀ͥE͂ͪ͏̱̤͚͕ ̞͔̜̬̑ͯ͑͢ͅŞ͔̦̩̳̣̖ͮ͊ͨA͈̓͂̈́̀̀̚͘C̡̠̟͉ͪ͆̔ͤ͂ͪR̬͙͕ͪ̀͠Ĩ̵̖͚̑̊̓́F͎͕̄Iͬͧ̀̂̑ͪ͟͏̴̪̤ͅC̢̰̝͓̗͛ͬ̔̍̓́́̚̚Ḙ̶̠̰̳̩̳̊ͭͮ̇̇̚̕S̻͖̣̰̒̈͟ it’s back Satan lemon every villain is lemons And finally dear listeners a reminder several concerned citizens have brought to the city’s attention an irregularity surrounding this summer’s citrus harvest City council would like to remind all enterprising fruit pickers to exercise reasonable caution when acquiring these fruits Grasp the fruit firmly around its circumference pull slowly but steadily to avoid damaging the tree and under no circumstances heed its demands of you Do not acknowledge or obey the depraved whisperings of the demon fruit And now The Weather This kind of looks like a Buddha’s hand to me they’re a type of Citron a citrus closely related to lemons I wonder if whatever causes that twistedness in Buddha’s hands is present but dormantrecessive in other citruses? @botanyshitposts do you know about this? a lot of people having been messaging me about this and honestly i had no idea that Buddha’s hands existed and it totally seems likely to me??? like honestly that seems like a really plausible explanation especially because when we look at the demon fruit the twisty ‘arms’ are going off in all different directions when the only place i can see a twisty arm happening on a lemon is on the top like if the fruit is developing from the original growth point into a body then why are the offshoots developing the opposite way from a body into a twisty thing? when in a Buddha’s hand it totally makes sense because the twisty things are growing outward anyway im no pomologist but the similarities in the growth patterns really do reflect in The Demon Fruit @gallusrostromegalus WAIT I KNOW THIS ONE! The short version is that Citrus is a slutty slutty genus of plants that can knock up pretty much any other member of the genus and uh… it’s mots recent relative as of 7 million years ago becuase why not Usually that makes for tasty children like tangerines and whatnot but sometimes Weird Shit happens All modern citrus are descended from Mandrin oranges Pumelos and Etrogs the latter being closest to lemons and which looks like this It’s big and lumpy and mostly pith but also tasty as hell so Ye Ancient Malay Archipeligo Orchard Guy gets to breeding these for more tasty innards presumable inventing lemonade in the process YAMAOG also finds out that it’s REALLY easy to seriously mess with the overall appearence of the fruit of these very inbred etrogs and starts breeding all kinds of nonsense like Bhudda’s palms Modern Lemons and Grapefruit YAMAOG also noticed that in addition to the occasional ugly inbred mule child you can also get really strange looking fruit if the tree gets sick is malnourished if any part of the flower is damaged or if the weather just sucks that year In addition to being a Major Slut Citrus is also a Fussy Bitch Looking at the Demon Fruit my best guesses are If you’ve had weird-shaped fruits off that tree before you might have a very strange hybrid tree like the dachsund-pitbull one of my neighbors owns If it’s only the one fruit and your tree is producing otherwise normal lemons that particular flower or branch took some kind of damage or had a viral infection which fucked up all the hormones and hence your lemon has gone all Ending-Of-Akira on you GOOD NEWS FOR BOTH SCENARIOS unless the fruit looks like it’s actually rotting it’s safe to eat! weird fruit shapes in lemons pretty much never makes them dangerous just maybe a bit more tart than usual Enjoy a nice glass of demonfruit juice! @motorizedduck relevant Meme











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