Area Man Watches Always Sunny' in the Worst Possible Way by Julia Ryan It was revealed early last week through a conversation with a casual acquaintance that area man Doug Sherman watches It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia but in the worst way possible Casual acquaintance and generally good person Debbie Barbo commented When I met Doug he seemed like an okay guy But as soon as he started talking about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia a red light immediately went off in my head My first thought was Uh-oh is this guy actually the worst?' and the answer really depends on why he likes the show She then explained her reasoning saying Listen I love Always Sunny as much as the next guy I have the Pepe Silvia speech completely memorized and I will recite it even when my friends and family beg me to stop But like If he even mentions 'The DENNIS System it's all over According to sources close to Doug he frequently talks about how the writers aren't afraid to do anything dude They'll do anything it's crazy It's like they'll just show them doing terrible shit like they'll kill a hooker and it's totally whatever because they're just rally bad people It's sick!! Those close to Doug noted that while they need to skip the really terrible episodes of Always Sunny Doug doesn't need to In fact Doug almost exclusively watches 'Mac is a Serial Killer' and Mac Fights Gay Marriage' the most cringe inducing episodes of the series Dude it's funny because hes like so gay No dude that's not what I meant I'm just saying like Whatever No its like he keeps harassing that girl because she used to be a dude and it's funny because he's like gay It's hilarious! Additionally Doug's only criticism of the show is that he doesn't like Dee because he thinks shes naggy Doug's mother commented I love Always Sunny and I love my son I've been a fan for 12 years and 22 years respectively But if I have to listen to my son talk about how Always Sunny fights back against PC culture I'm gonna kill him and then myseli in end us both I swear to god aur5 my colleges satire newspaper had an article about iasip and its so… Apt Meme











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