AP DEAR HUSBANDS THERE'S A REASON WHY OTHER WOMEN LOOK SO ATTRACIVE AWOMANSWORTH❤ ____________________________________________ In today's World everyone wants GREENER GRASS But don't want to invest the time to water trim or just do the bare minimum of UPKEEP! Everyone wants to be SUCCESSFUL but no one wants to fail to achieve SUCCESS! What I'm getting at is this NO ONE nor ANYTHING comes as a FINISHED PRODUCT! Everything comes as is especially a Good Queen BUT it depends on the WILL FAITH & LOVE of a True Godly King to make the Heart of a Queen be the best it can be And CUSTOM FITTED for Only him! Sorry if you want a mass product item aka All Surface Featured based Girl from social media and-or the club with no personality BUT you'll never get Longevity from a girl who's Beauty will only be TEMPORARY💯 PATIENTLYAWAITTHELOVEYOUDESERVE ____________________________________________ ▪️PLEASE TAG QUEENS & KINGS WHO NEED THIS REMINDER ____________________________________________ STOPWHATYOUREDOINGRIGHTNOW For QUOTES-MESSAGES about LIFE & LOVE Follow One of the REALEST IG PAGE ever FollowTheONLYSilentlySpokenProject ➕FOLLOWIG@SilentlySpokenProject AMANWHOACTUALLYGETSIT💯 ____________________________________________ ITSAMANSJOBTOFINDHISQUEEN💯 REMAINSINGLEUNTILUKNOITSREAL HAPPILYAFTERONEDAY FORHER LASTOFADYINGBREED YOUDESERVEBETTER EXCUSESNOTSOLDHERESORRY EXCUSESNOTSOLDORACCEPTED ITTAKESCOURAGETOLOVE ITTAKESCOURAGETOLOVEAGAIN SWYD AMANWHOACTUALLYGETSIT SILENTLYSPOKENFROMTHEHEART SILENTLYSPOKENPROJECT SSP THEONLYSSP LOVEQUOTES MRISAYWHATOTHERSWONT ITELLTHETRUTHNOTYOURTRUTH Meme






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