antifemalesoci Q 2 Follow Romanticising womanhood is not good for men In fact it is an insult You cannot claim to accept you are inferior on one hand and then perform mental gymnastics in order to make yourself feel better about that You will ultimately end up kidding yourself that you are somehow quietly equal and that is itself offensive to mankind you are not and never will be equal to men by any stretch of the imagination Anything else is fantasy Taking joy in being a good woman is wonderful Taking pride in being a woman for any reason is not Remember that all of your achievements progress and joy in life come only as a result of male guidance control and assertiveness Remind yourself how lost you would be without it The instrument does not gain praise after a great orchestra the composer does It is this tendency which partly creates the need for strict boundaries and regular discipline Whether or not you think you are good enough to believe comforting lies and remain a good woman is immaterial You are not capable of knowing that for sure ever Remember this during discipline Remember it always dr0pacid roastedoranges yallarewild dr0pacid shameshack it is with a heavy heart that i must announce that antifemalesociety is at it again @yallarewild this is a whole new type of crazy i’m gonna mcfucking lose it Hi quick question what kind of motive was this guy trying to make while writing this His page is about some sort of anti woman “movement” as he calls it Where women should be put in cages and submissive to man not viewed as human Just as sex slaves and means to an end with breeding It’s really disgusting Meme











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