Another holiday is here Happy Mothers Day to all Don't let that one family member ruin it all Think of the good times and the happy times of years gone before I know its hard to let go of the hurt and the anger you feel but just remember it's really just another day of the year Sure they forget to say I love you in a special way but you have others that love you more and know how to say I love you You don't need to hear it from the child that is a manipulator the one who uses the day to stab a knife in further and cut away Say a prayer for them today and then chase the negative thoughts away There are other family members around that know how special you are how much you have given to help them they are the ones that matter today Look instead at the blessings of other family members or friends on this special day celebrate how they make you feel like family in every way Relish the hugs and smiles from the others celebrate the love you feel with each other and forget the one that tries to ruin your day You can't please everyone all the time you can only try your best to love each other and that is why your called a mother Focus on the good stay away from the other who is struggling and forgive them while they are in their dark place It's not about moving on without them its about letting go off the pain and enjoying your day in other ways Yes it really hurts and causes pain but sunshine follows rain God is there to help guide you through this day that is not always happy for all mothers Personally this is the third mothers day where there has been alot of pain This year I am going to do something different not focus on the pain and reach out to others and help them enjoy their day This is the way I think God would like me to handle today May God bless you with smiles laughter and peace as you celebrate love with others Amen Love Patricia Hole Meme






Mother's Day

I Love You




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