Anonymous ID hBFWLn+K 070814Tue 1 334 57 No555440513 File 1125152 large jpg 20 KB 443x267 555440756555440864 I am constantly doing random acts of kindness for strangers and random ppl in my life I've been at it for 6 years now This is my craziest encounter so far >meet 19 yo chick at my work she is slightly chubby and just totally socially awkward we talk for a while >I am overly nice as usual even though I have no attraction to her she talks about how guys are stupid I'm not stupid I reply yeah but you're not into me >she was right She was a solid 410 >I cringe a little as I say I think you're beautiful she turns bright red and is speechless >I ask for # and text her the next day >I gather from her texts that she is a beta kissless virgin >I take her out to eat at one of the more expensive restaurants in town get her back to her house and she says thanks real awkwardly and starts to exit my car >I grab her arm and pull her in for a kiss while groping at her fat titties can I come inside no anon muh grandma is waiting up for me cool can I meet her she finally gives in granny loves me she tells me funny stories while her land whale granddaughter sits there in embarrassment we eventually make it up to her room she was extremely nervous but I get her totally naked and just fuck the fucking shit out of her in every part of her bedroom she stops me and says shouldn't we take a break I think I can hear my granddaughter crying downstairs It was a good It felt great knowing I did some good in this world That's a twist found on rgreentext Meme











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