Anonymous 55607367 9 hr ago Well I don't suggest this shit to anyone Basically was easily one of those awkward experiences of my life >She rings the doorbell and I answer as planned in my gym shorts with a boner >l decided to tuck it into the elastic band of the pants so encase things go south I can make an excuse that I just had a big penis and it wasn't an erection 473 kB JPG >As soon as I opened the door I regretted it >She has no smile No joy No positive body language >l try to make chit chat like we normally do to warm her up but she is trying to get me to sign on her tablet very forcefully >l try and grab the tablet and slowly walk backwards inside my house thinking if she was into it she would follow me inside except she just stood here >l put the tablet on the counter near my frontdoor and told her she is welcome to come inside to get it >I might be autistic but even I could see this was not working >She tells me she needs to leave right now and to give it back to her >l pretty much know there is no chance now so I return the tablet and bend down to get my box >While bending down to get my box I notice te tip of my foreskin was sticking out the whole time >Before I even fully compute my next action to try and make an excuse for this my whole fucking dick flops out from over my elastic band while standing up >She gets a full frontal view of this and she without even giving me time to apologies s runs it to her van and speeds off Anon has an autistic encounter with Amazon Meme




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