THE LOVE OF VIOLENCE IS WHY HE WONT GET IMPEACHED. THIS DUDE IS ALL ABOUT HATE 😡👀👀I wonder if thug is a code word for blackpeople 🤔 17thsoulja BlackIG17th policeterrorism What happened to assumption of innocence until PROVEN guilty? What happened to due process and the constitutional right to a jury trial? Is the greatest point in America the Jim Crow era at 71 years old donaldtrump was 18 years old when the civil rights act of 1964 was passed. Do you think racism vanished over night? Do you think this man that grew up in a segregated society through his formative years and his adult life isn't prejudice? Do you think that he is the living embodiment of whiteprivilege and whitesupremacy in the flesh? The only way a man like this with absolutely no political experience could have even been elected in the first place . Was a direct response to the first black president and fear of black advancement. His sole purpose was to erase Obamas very existence from history. Yet the only thing he has accomplished was solidifying it with his own incompetence. There is no comparison between them