AMMAL ADVCAC CAY AMCAL ADVOCACY DAY wghehu noce Today was the 9th Annual NYS Animal Advocacy Day As always it was a wonderful day Big Thank You to Senator Jim Tedisco and Senator Monica R Martinez along with Senator Phil Boyle and District Attorney David Soares along with all the other politicians in attendance A Special THANK YOU to all the RescuesSheltersfor your amazing work every single day and to everyone that showed up to be part of this day As always I like to share with you my notes from the event and what I spoke about as Emceeof course a lot of what I said may not have been in my little cheat sheetbut here is my abbreviated version from today Intro Senator Monica Martinez Chair of the Domestic Animal Welfare Committee She is from Brentwood on Long Island…Was elected this past November from the 3rd Senate district She was on the County Legislator since 2013…passion for helping companion animals…and one of her priorities is animal rights She has 7 rescues in her home3 dogs and 4 cats In FACT she is a supporter of the Animal Abuse Registry…We NEED This…and recently introduced a bill to give judges the opportunity under Busters Law to make sentencing of time Consecutive and opposed to concurrent for each offense You may remember that couple on LI that was adopting and murdering puppies…they killed two and the 3rd severely injured She is also pushing for better car of all pets that are with pet dealers…grooming sanitation and veterinary care VERY Important…Code Blue and Red laws for pets…which would require owners to keep pets indoors and safe during extreme and dangerous weather And to stop the declawing of cats…with up to $1000 fine Thank you-Great to be here… Keep up the fight…I know it is frustrating…but we have made a difference…look around…look at the TV coverage…social media…sentencing…Law Enforcement It all adds up This all started in 1997 with the torturing of a cat named Buster…at the time there were no laws…on June 28th 1999…Busters Bill was signed into law-so this is the 20th Anniv…it gave law enforcement a way to punish…$5000 fine and up to 2 years in prison As we know Animal Abuse is a Bridge crime to even worse crimes in the future…abusing people…sexual assaults murder and most serial killers were animal abusers The person who did this has now 3 felonies…and committed sexual assault We need to be better… I was doing a little research…I hate polls and lists…but there was one common thing I saw…NY State was at the bottom for the protection of our Companion Animals From the Animal League Defense Fund… NY was ranked 42…The top three were Illinois Oregon and California…the WORST Kentucky Why are animal laws important…is because we love our pets…we want to protect them and 70% of household in the country are pet owners ! We need to be their voice…never silenced…and despite frustrationsdelays…we need to be there for them Good change sometimes takes a long time…but it will happen Many of us have been here for all 9 years There has been so much good legislation and discussion that has come up…But so MUCH never gets out of committee and out for a vote We need to know who is not for this…it gets hidden away Here are just a short list that I hear from so many people year after years…and yet nothing gets done… 1-Strengthen Busters Law…… 2-Making it illegal to declaw cats 3-Statewide Animal Abuse Registry…strange one since 19 counties out of 62 already have passed this in NY 4-Kirby and Quigleys Bill…two murdered dogs in a burglary in 2016… When a felony is committed…and there is a felony on a pet…this need to be added on to the punishment ! Denise and Patrick Krohn 5-Banning Puppy Mills in NY and the selling of puppies at pet stores… This is already being done in California and Maryland… 6-STOP the transport of horses in NY to slaughter in Canada… Not only should we be for this-but the Entire racing community needs to back this…it’s one of the truly ugly faces of horse racing that no one wants to address Thank you Jim Tedisco for the group photo ! Meme











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