al US Cellular ? 725 AM Not Secure – thesmokingguncom DOCUMENT Sex Crime DECEMBER 1 2019 Woman 70 Jailed After Sidewalk Sex Encounter Cops Defendant and mate 60 trysted in view of minor victim y Tweet Comments Share Like 776 people like this Sign Up to see what your friends like VIEW THE DOCUMENT DECEMBER 1--A 70-year-old woman and her 60-year- old mate are each jailed on a felony charge after they allegedly had sex on a Florida sidewalk in view of a 12- year-old child police report According to investigators Susan Roscillo and Robert Kellogg trysted around 845 PM Thursday in front of the Capitol Theater in downtown Clearwater They were both subsequently arrested on a felony charge of lewd and lascivious exhibition for allegedly engaging in sexual conduct in the presence of the minor Sidewalk Septuagenarian Pictured above Roscillo and Kellogg are each being held in the county lockup in lieu of $10000 bond SUBMIT A The victim Clearwater police say saw Roscillo on her back with her legs up in the air and no pants on The septuagenarian was actively masturbating Kellogg's penis with her hand according to an arrest affidavit TIP! After being read his rights Kellogg reportedly admitted to having sex in public waccording to an arrest affidavit did have his penis in her hand multiple times Kellogg cops reported apologized and said that he knew the Thanksgiving night encounter was wrong Roscillo was extremely uncooperative and continued to scream that she wanted a lawyer according to the es that both defendants showed Girl Arrested Due To Finding Coin That Is S-- Cantt ol influence Graduatez Sponso Read Next Story > Learlier this month on an one Sidewalk sex Ed Florida style Stay classy FL Meme




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