airyairyaucontraire: blackqueerblog: Arrested for what! WTF! Are you kidding me? He’s not doing anything wrong! Sickening! Here’s an article about him - it’s from early July 2019. Alan Dornan has walked the last 530 days for undocumented immigrants. Last week, he was arrested by Homeland Security officers during a prot He wasn’t arrested just for walking around with a sign, though, he and a friend planned a sit-in in which they blocked the doors of a federal building housing an ICE courtroom to protest the imprisonment, neglect and abuse of migrant children separated from their parents. Getting arrested was part of the point - they were held for about an hour and a half and issued citations for a fine. He said he would not pay the fine and was seeking a court date to get further public attention for the issue. He’s deliberately using his privilege as an older white man to protest for people who have less power and are at more risk. Go Alan Dornan!