aguy withnolife I WENT BACK AND TOOK ANOTHER PICTURE IN SANTAS CHAIR AND THE SECURITY GUARD IS NOW CHASING ME HELP Elijah Daniel @aguywithnolife 10h that time I got kicked out of the mall for breaking into santas workshop and kept going back till I got chased out 88 266 Elijah Daniel a guywithnolife Mashable lliterally created a White House petition to make @Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA our Petition Wants Miley's Party In The USA National Anthem petitions whitehousegovpetitionmake- to be New National Anthem on mashtol 14WcGZM I'm not sorry 7713 1133 AM 723 1059 AM 223 LIKES ili VIEW TWEET ACTIVITY 460 RETWEETS 294 LIKES HuffPost Tech HuffPost Tech bri White House will soon reply to petition to change the national anthem to Miley Around 2 million people in the United Cyrus' Party In The USA States signed a petition to make Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus the newnational anthem hahahahha 72813 235 PM the time I created a white house petition to make Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA our national anthem 235 V 474 Elijah Daniel @aguy with nolife Ryan Gosling is filming a movie 5 minutes away from me right now so l'm going to go run on set naked and try to get on the blooper reel 41613 1229 PM III VIEW TWEET ACTIVITY 77 RETWEETS 188 LIKES Elijah Daniel @aguywithnolife 11h that time I got casted in a Ryan Gosling movie because I tweeted that l was going to go streaking on set 136 v 388 ELIJAH DANIEL Author Trump Temptation The Billionaire and the Bellboy WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU SEND YOUR PHOTOS AND C coNNECT TO Fox 11 Elijah Daniel @aguywithnolife 11h that time I became a best selling author because I wrote a 20 page trump erotic novel tt 1336 1772 this guy has lived Meme


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