Add Friend A fellow melanated creative recieved this deliberate discouragement in his tumblr inboxwhat's crazy isI can't really say that anonymous is wrong though #Sad #P0C #WherelsTheSupport Ananymous s you know ur kickstarter is going to fail right? tumblr and the rest of the world doesn't care about visual novels featuring black people nearly as much as you seem to think they do just look at how little notes your little project gets Like Comment Share EN OF 2AL blackmoonbabe askhimemiyaanthy feminismdoneright I’m going to point out some weird things about @projecttrinity‘s upcoming visual novel “Women of Xal” in relation to this site 1 It’s an upcoming Kickstarter bound otome game that very obviously is PoC People of Color WoC Women of Color centric We’ve got a bi female lead with several romancable women And it’s in a harsh matriarchal society ready to give some brutal parallels to our own Being helmed by a very capable and snarky Black writer The two programmers are women The artists are women The singers are women One of the animators is a woman AND THERE’S TANGIBLE QUALITY TO IT! I thought we’ve been asking for more projects like this for years now But Tumblr has been the most quiet of the four sites it’s updating on??? Youtube Facebook LemmSoftForums Tumblr 2 How are hateful anons finding this project before everyone else? Why are we letting Black creatives feel like the anon has a point about Tumblr not caring? Isn’t this site notorious for propping up content like this? Where are my feminists at?! Like I truly get it Most of you will have only just heard of this And Tumblr didn’t make it easy in the first place Tags and timing are madly important But so are reblogs and follows! You’re reading this now - there’s nothing truly stopping you from showing that anon the middle finger For every time WE DON’T JUST ‘HEART’ A CREATIVE’S POST and reblogfollow their content we prove hateful anons like this wrong And every time we prove them wrong we send an encouraging message to other minorities who want to share their passions with the world but face that uphill battle And hey the writer clearly has faith in this site still You can find out more about the project here Or better yet follow and support the team here! Bonus Note If you’re someone who has been reblogging a lot of content from this team as well cheers fellow sisters! 3 Something unrelated but please help support! Tumblr’s pretty good about ignoring black creators hell alot of black people on tumblr are pretty good about ignoring black creators Which really goes to show you most of the folks on here are just being performative for good noodle stars and aren’t really about anything Meme










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