A VISUAL MAP OF JOHNNY DEPP'S INJURIES This is what Amber Heard did to him Throughout our relationship Ms Heard also committed domestic violence against me She hit punched and kicked me She also repeatedly and frequently thew objects into my body and head including heavy bottles oda cans burning cand rote controls and paint thinhier ca me As these acts of violence against me in her deposition although in the cherry-picked sworn deposition snippet she submitted to this court she also contradicted her own sworn admissions and further perjured herself by saying she only committed violence against me one single time Johnny Depp Opposition to Dismiss 01 Honeymoon This is a photo of Johnny taken during his and Amber's honeymoon portion aboard the Eastern Oriental Express His face has clearly been injured 02 Birthday Party This is a photograph that bodyguard Sean Bett took on April 22nd 2016 Amber Heard had punched him the night before because he was late to her birthday celebration LAST 03 Australia This is a photo of Johnny's finger Amber hottle of ed result of Johnny asking her to sign a post- nup agreement It shattered the bones in his fingertip and sliced part of it off 04 December 15th These are photographs taken by Sean Bett of the results of an attack by Amber Heard He has scratches on his face his nose is swollen and there is bruise discoloration on his skin 05 A Statement From Kevin Murphy Estate Manager One day I was informed by Johnny in person that Amber had committed a very specific act of violence against Johnny on the deck of one of Johnny's properties just two minutes before I arrived Johnny told me that Amber had become enraged and threw a heavy television remote control so hard into Johnny's forehead that swelling lump with a laceration on his forehead that I could clearly see Johnny had no reaction to being assaulted in this way In fact he jokingly tried to say 'it's no big deal' and simply handed me the broken remote control and asked me if I could get it fixed or replaced I could tell he was uncomfortable and embarrassed remote control broke and left the round These are just some of the injuries that Amber Heard inflicted on Johnny Depp Her assaults were so frequent and common that Johnny described on incident of abuse as nothing memorable because of how often she hit him He was used to it 03 Infor mation 1 in 9 men experience severe VIolence in an good news! Plenty of resources exist to help men One of them is Mankind Initiative Men find it difficult to come forward about abuse because of the stigma attachec There su relationship httpswwwmankindorguk httpwwwmenandboyscoalitionorguk PIKTOCHART leaving this here because johnny depp is getting his life ruined by a lying abusive psycho named AMBER HEARD There has many times in the past that has proven her to be an abuser Pls let reddit give AMBER the justice she deserves and help Johnny depp who is INNOCENT Meme





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