A Simple Mental Health Pain Scale thegracefulpatientwordpresscom 1 2 3 Everything is a-okay! There is absolutely nothing wrong You're probably cuddling a fluffy kitten right now Enjoy! You're a bit frustrated or disappointed but you're easily distracted and cheered up with little effort Things are bothering you but you're coping You might be overtired or hungry The emotional equivalent of a headache M OToday is a bad day or a few bad days You 4 5 5 6 still have the skills to get through it but be gentle with yourself Use self-care strategies Your mental health is starting to impact or your everyday life Easy things are becoming difficult You should talk to your doctor You can't do things the way you usually do them due to your mental health Impulsive and compulsive thoughts may be hard to cope with You're avoiding things that make you more distressed but that will make it worse You should definitely seek helpThis is serious 7 8 9 10 You can't hide your struggles anymore You may have issues sleeping eating having fun socialising and workstudy Your mental health is affecting almost all parts of your life You're at a critical point You aren't functioning anymore You need urgent help You may be a risk to yourself or others if left untreated The worst mental and emotional distress possible You can no longer care for yourself You can't imagine things getting any worse Contact a crisis line immediately roane72 stevviefox beauty-grace-outer-space southernbitchface buddhaprayerbeads A simple mental health pain scale I’m so thankful this exists I think that many people with mental health issues myself included downplay what they’re going through I’m an 8 right now If I hadn’t seen this chart tonight I’d keep denying my struggle Now I have to face it Reblogging for my followers My own mental health took a bit of a nosedive last week Take care of yourselves Take care of each other ♡♡ FYI for any who need it Please seek help This is clarifying for me A 6 is a good day I live at a 7-8 This summer I spent a lot of time at 9 Yes I have an excellent therapist and a lot of meds this is just the way it is I’m hoping with the additional support I’m starting to get I can drop back to 4-6 Meme


Bad day







The Worst


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