942019 I received a red light violation ticket in Newark and when called ticket crushers I was told by the guy that their win rate on these type of cases is over 90% Especially after I told them that I was wearing sunglasses so I should have a solid defense to fight against this red light camera ticket Just received an update from ticket crushers which they told me they were only able to get my ticket reduced to no point no school Which means I don't need to go to traffic school but I still need to pay the full fine amount This is not the outcome that I had in mind at all I was expecting for the ticket to be dismissed in the best case scenario and in worst case I was expecting for the fine to be lowered given judges usually lower the fine if you go to trial However the fine amount didn't even get lowered by a dollar so I basically paid ticket crushers for nothing Update please see how petty Adam's response to my review is Not professional at all please save your money and go elsewhere If there was clear evidence of me running the red light then tell me there is no case Don't convince me to spend $200 on you just so you can help me avoid traffic school Funny Useful Cool Comment from Business Owner 942019 So Kevin came to us with a clear video of him running a red light At the time his only option was to pay the citation pay an additional traffic school administrative fee pay for traffic school and attend the traffic school in order to avoid a point Instead our lawyer was able to avoid Kevin going to court 3 separate times avoid the traffic school administrative fee avoid Kevin paying for traffic school and avoid Kevin going to traffic school for 4-8 hours Most importantly the lawyer avoided the point that would have increased Kevin's insurance rates for at least 3 years That's right what should be a five star review is a one star review because Kevin thought wearing sunglasses was enough of a disguise Might I suggest a fake mustache next time? Crushing tickets and liars at the same time Meme











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