927 all facebook SLC Vegan Dear Vegan Community My Vegan Mistake please delete if not allowed I am such a stupid whore My Dr prescribed an anti anxiety medication called Clonazepam because sometimes cosmetic procedures give me anxiety These anti anxiety meds actually should be nicknamed JekyllHyde pills because I smoked a joint with my neighbor before I went to my beauty appointment which is out of character On the way home I stopped at Little Casaer to buy a cheese less vegetable pizza I kissed an extremely handsome catcaller in the parking lot just because!!! Luckily he tasted like cigarettes so he didn't get laid When I got home THE PIZZA was actually a Hawaian Pizza but I was in such a morally reprehensible state that I ate it I was sexually frustrated horny hungry and on prescription drugs Real cheese and bacon coated my whorish lips as I ate a whole pizza MYSELF Then I crashed and slept for 9 hours I have been on a water fast since Saturday night And considering shaving my head as a representation of my repentance process Any non judgmental words of advice? It was just two days past my second Vegan Anniversary And prior I considered myself a staunch soldier in the Animal Liberation Movement In the past I ever made you feel less of a vegan or human for your mistakes I hope my fuck up makes you smile I am sorry if I have said too much Can someone or some people share stories that they made horrible choices? Let's make this a sharing and teaching moment I would really appreciate that I am crushed and need help today Sincerely 17 28 Comments Poor girl is going through it Meme









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