89% N 914 oo WSJ sd NYC 311 X t 10 integral_red 10h Dude a year or two to save and get things in order for a nice long trip is one thing but several years? At some point your life cannot accommodate what you fantasize about doing t -9 Multitronic 3h Some peoples trips cost more than 4k are are much more than trips for many people it's 12 months+ of not working and travelling That is definitely worth staying in some shitty hostels for I can without a doubt say that some of my best times backpacking were when we had barley enough money for the shittest hostels and a few bags of goon t 2 enadelb 9h You're getting downvoted but I agree Sometimes your efforts are better put towards earning more income so that you can live comfortably instead of suffering extra hard to save money t -1 integral_red 7h Or even just investing it back into yourself so you can earn a little more and get to a place where you can spend money on traveling the way you dream I don't care about getting down voted Nothing I said was inflammatory overly negative or even wrong A lot of people just want to be irresponsible with money and they think hearing maybe if you were more fiscally realisticresponsible then you could eventually afford exactly what you want is an accusation against them in some way 5 ddarrko 5h Travel can be an investment in yourself The memories and experiences you have are priceless t 2 Cordell-in-the-Am 7h You are just speaking a truth people don't want to hear t1 _alabaster 8h Why assume that because someone is spending money one place they arent spending it on the other? Or are suffering in order to afford a trip? integral_red 7h Taking several years to save a relatively small amount of money as a portion of total yearly earnings does imply limited means and at least carries the assumption that the money is better used somewhere else in their lives It doesn't mean someone is poor or destitute it just means it isn't a sensible decision given their financial situation 2 gemnyc Now LIVE AND LET LIVE you're so stuck up your ass you definitely need a rechargable flashlight Man GTFO The best time I've had was pinching pennies and figuring shit out Because that shit makes you grow You think working 49hr weeks will make you grow? Like I say to all fellow workers bees thank you for your service and making my life full of wonderful services and products while I enjoy them and you work your dumb ass off for peanuts awaiting death 1 heavyxfriends 9h Travelling is the most important thing in life to me I'd rather go all in to travelling and come back with nothing 5 Bohhi 2h I spend 100$ in total on my trips Europe Hostels Add a comment You can't take a nice trip while being frugal you need a lot of money! That's no fun! Meme







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