838 AM Meredith Monday 835 PM Hey there! Would you prefer a sexy pick up line or an attempt at a conversation? I prefer a sonnet Let's see whatcha got Ahhhh shit i havent practiced for thathm I put you on the spot Take your time Ya i got this give me like 10 minutes Typing it up on my laptop lol I downloaded tinder to try and score Like danny devito looking for hooooors But then i match with a 10 out of 10 So i try my cheesy line again She says she wants something more fulfilling When usually that line is a killing A sonnet she says is what she desires The signals in my brain start to Now im no poet but my dick thinks hard Why the hell did she have to pull this card? I hope these verses can satisfy you If not we can try something else that might do! Could at least give SOME kind of reaction Monday 953 PM I'm literally cracking the fuck up My roommate just asked of he can fuck you Omg that was so perfect God damn itwhats HE look like? He's a handsome dude Maybe I should bow out and let you two talk He's straight tho Nooo thanks lol so am isorry ladies Have you considered putting out a book of poetry? Not at all Imao But i may post that to reddit for the sweet sweet karma You should I'll upvote it Oh wait you forgot to rate it on a scale of to Give or take I swear to god if thats your room mates number'll respect the joke You should find out GIF Type sage She wanted a Sonnet Meme











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