7 26% 433 am CR Ask Quora Bookmarks Ed Feed M Trending What is the rudest thing you have ever done? Or one of the rudest things you've done that you can remember Please be as specific and detailed as you can in your answers Petter Brenna Rian Aspiring Renaissance Man 1201k Views mentally annihilated a young woman because I was fed up with her getting whatever she wanted just because she was hot We were both working at a restaurant and she would get anything she wanted She would simply look at you smile stroke your arm and you'd be smitten was witnessing how she ruthlessly worked her magic So I decided to break her I saw her talking to the manager She was describing this elaborate meal she wanted the kitchen to make her The kitchen despised making customized meals for us But this girl would manipulate the manager to get her way However she would need a waiter like me to put the order into the system I walk by and the manager stops me Petter can place the order for you She turns to me and she starts her Answer Notifications More Read 26% 435 am CR Ask Quora Trending Bookmarks Ed Feed VOU routine Her eyes widen She is smiling She touches my arm Her cleavage is calling for me She explain her order in a soft voice She moves closer as she talks Then when she finish talking she waits for my response I'm sorry I can't do that You are just not pretty enough walk away She is completely dumb-founded Her mouth is gaping The manager breaks down in laughter He can't believe it After that must have pushed some buttons in her head First she demanded an apology To which l told her I had no reason to apologize Then she would ask why I hated her would tell her that I don't I'd say I'm completely indifferent to your existence She was in despair I was mentally torturing her After awhile she would strive for my approval She wanted me to just say anything nice to her She desperately needed me to like her She would do favors for me She would be extra nice to me She would praise my work Praise my looks But l never showed any sign of remorse Or approval l never did Answer Notifications More Read Aspiring Renaissance Man completely devastates vain coworker Meme



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