600 1 LTE 53 mins Since then l'm over 60days clean from amphetamine and other energy related illicit narcotics Since then I have stayed at multiple hospitals in regards to poor mental health when in reality Ive become really soft spoken and analytical of the happenings around me considering I have a new life to be grateful for Been a hell of ride as in my experience l'd like to say I've found my religion and sexuality For those curious enough to want to know what my beliefs are spiritually and preferences are sexually damn lemme just put it here I feel as though I connect with Evangelical-Rastafarians & as for my sexuality l'm a Demi-MetroPi-Sexual MetroPi meaning that I love those who share the same thoughts of consenting to treating everyone like family and always taking care of yourself as well I posted a very questionable status a few months ago in regards to my sexuality where I said I was Polyamorous But that isn't the case I just feel like this needs to be stated because I was in a state of confusion in trying to find myself without knowledgeable understanding of what the term meant Which is why I developed the term MétroPi So maybe those on my feed can have better understanding that I'm into my family members sexually which seems to be a general concern For those who don't know I have a new phone number feel free to send me a message asking for it as Id love to actually connect with the world I love and everyone on my newsfeed again Thanks for reading about me campbot A very founded soul T Write a comment GIF 3 Yikes Meme









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