feniczoroark: hereiticmadlad: the-mighty-birdy: celticpyro: gallusrostromegalus: randomencounters: thvndermag: www.instagram.com/ondrejzunka Encounter: a Tutchi-Fili, a curious but largely harmless aberration that enjoys collecting rare and exotic textures. If threatened or startled, it defends itself by making a grapple attack and delivering an attack as Vampiric Touch, except instead of necrotic damage it deals Psychic. It can also use Cleansing Touch on itself or others. It’s the saxophone music that really makes this. Tentacles would’ve been less disturbing. Zygote (2017) I am ready to dish out as many high fives as this dude needs. @randomnightlord WHAT SLAANESHI BULLSHIT IS THIS BEFORE MY VERY EYES. BY CURZE BRING THE FLAMER. THE HEAVY FLAMER.