treatmelikealadyy: daughterofthestars: impostoralice: askfordoodles: smearedlipstick: ghdos: illrandomocity: majin-k: Did a bunch of dogs breakup a fight between two cats? Am I seeing this right?? Having none of that shit today. “Ay man, y’all chill the fuck out. Y’all fucking up the party.” I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT I’M SEEING Pack animals like dogs don’t tolerate dissent in their group because it weakens the pack’s social structure… There are similar clips on youtube of them breaking up rabbit and rooster fights… They don’t care what species you are, they just want you to CUT THAT SHIT OUT. They don’t differentiate species because dogs think everything else is just a weird dog.  ANIMAL BEHAVIOR IS FUN MAN OMG “EVERYONE ELSE IS JUST A WEIRD DOG”This is painfully accurate