42% 843 kawaiite-mage summoningsam stimmyvillain it amazes me how people still think fiction doesn't affect reality when about 90% of us ran like naruto without a second thought just because we saw him do it and thought it was cool stimmyvillain strawberry-sodas For me it was im gonna run like sonicsonic cool this is going to be the only valid reply because that's the reason I did it brunhiddensmusings for a more pertinent example- the creators of the original 70s 'star trek' created wrist communicators for plot purposes so crew on the ground could still communicate with crew on the spaceship because writing sometime in the early 80s a lot of actual scientists realized that sounded really cool and actually doable so lets create cellphones then later people who read 'hitchhikers guide' realized we had 80% of what the hitchhikers guide was and made a kindle Agatha Christie wrote mystery novels so precice she accurately predicted meth- ods of poisoning that had not even hap- pened yet and her works are still used today to teach people how to diagnose poisonings bot malign and accidental heck her understanding of toxicology was so on point she proposed antidotes for poisons made from poisons with opposite effects allowing patients to be stabilized after otherwise fatal doses lets not forget the OG himself HG Welles who pulled stuff out of his ass like submarines cross-continent flight space travel eccetera and later people realized that his fever dreams were something you could actually do with enough math and engineering in the late 4Os Frances Glessner Lee started making dollhouses that contained crime scenes only partially a hobby she was creating fantasy mysteries to puzzle people as there was no specific solution to the crime scenes she created these dollhouses are still used to train detectives today and are considered to be the birth of modern forensics solving thousands of crimes hell someone read the 1911 story Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle' which was largely schlock and realized a gun that shoots electricity sounds pretty awesome so made the TAZER and the E and R still stand for 'electric rifle' and thats not counting the uncounted human moments when someone decided to do or not do something based on childhood memories of movies that shaped their personality decided to do something based on a song that inspired them got the courage by remembering a well written superhero moment or some part of their soul that asked what their favorite muppet would think about their actions stimmyvillain nvm this is a valid response just intellectual bl-00d-y-cry-p-tid art changes lives thechiyodan span Fiction affects reality was never fiction IS reality but that fiction can influence our lives and inspire us for good or evil Source stimmyvillain 75647 notes Meme







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