436 PM Thanks for accepting Hi im assuming we are related? I don't know Lol I have enough family in that we might be But not for sure What's your mum's side?! ?* Just one question mark** 618 PM and are my maternal grandparents 757 PM Omgoodness!! Where you at the Reunion in the beginning of August?? Did I meet you?! Lol You may have! I am a many people I really have no clue lol yes Imet so Who do you belong to? Where you there? In ? I thing Aug 4? Think** I was yup! Albeit very briefly I think I might have met uou You Your grandma is my dad's oldest sister is my dad So you and I are3rd? Cousins? Lol 4th? Do you have tattoos? Yep thats me! The one with the tattoos! No idea what level of cousin that is lol Crazy how many there are Haha we are a lot Selfie i This is me Im like 99% sure we met yep! Send me a casual pic of you right now? I think we did Selfie Heres me at the reunion with gma and gpa! Hahahaha yup! We totally met! I remember you I think I remember you too but my grandma truly dragged me from one person to the next lol I know!! Haha I think I saw your leash! Lol! I was not into going at all but knew that I should sorta thing I hate mingling Haha i was disappointed you got dragged away I was like thinking that none of my cousin's are that good looking!! Who is this??! Haha omg that sounds redneck! Yeah i'm definitely not white trash enough to be into flirting between cousins but i'm very flattered thank you Hahaha exactly I said that in my mind and it sounded funny but I don't know if it came out funny Wasn't trying to flirt Yeah it didn't quite land lol Well shit Lol Sorry Lol Ah Family Reunions Perfect place to meet babes Meme











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