3rd December 1990 My dear young Friend! Many congratulations on your arrival in this worid Also I must congratulate you on the choice of your parents About your dear Mummy I know very little except that your Daddy thinks the world of her and that she sounds very nice over the telephone Please ignore your father if he starts to talk to you about such things as Polyester and how to buy by the metre and sel by the yard I strongly recommend to you that for the bime being the only textiles you should concern yourself with are your nappies which you should fill at both ends according to doctor 's orders During the years ahead your parents wil1 insist that you have the best possible schooling and education They mean well and want you to do well but always remember that your uncle Werner was never brillant at school and turned out to be a reasonably successful converter of ugly printed fabrics Remember also that hard work was meant for fools and always use your head and never your hands In due course of time grown-ups wi11 try and convince you that you must have strong political and patriotic conviction This is not necessarily of importance Instead remember that if you cry you cry alone but if you smile - the world wi11 smile with you Your auntie Anne and I hope that the enciosed evening garment will be warm and useful It is sent to you with lots of love! Finally do not worry about your forthcoming circumcision Yo Daddy and I can assure you that it is good for you and even better for all the girlfriends in the back seats of motorcars Fondest Love To You And Your Parents! Auntie Anne & Uncle Werner Abraham My mum just found a random letter my dad's friend to me sent me the week I was born Meme

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