327 T Hate Being The Nice Guy Discussion I was raised to be positive friendly kind and non- aggressive to females In retrospect I don't know that it served me very well in the realm of seeking a mate At 18 I met what I considered the love of my life she was 21 out on her own and supporting herself I was a freshman in college a music major and the year was 1969 We dated on and off for a year and my heart was hers but she had another fellow competing for her interest who was older employed had a motorcycle and out classed me in the testosterone department by a mile - On the few occasions we had sex I was again respectful and never wanted to come across as too demanding On one occasion she commented that if you really want me then you should take me instead of asking if I want to have sex I knew then I had lost her and there was no way to regain what she considered the masculinity needed to keep her on board I'm 68 now and her rejection hurts me today no less than it did years ago My failure to be the Alpha male and control a relationship has haunted me all life in every subsequent relationship I've my had They say nice guys finish last and in the area of malefemale bonding I'll have to say that is very true I should have slapped her hard and rammed her good instead of asking if it was ok I was such a fool still am I guess Thanks for reading! t Share 5 4 Add a comment > 68 year old dreams of being an alpha male Meme











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