- 3 2 points 16 hours ago Told this story a few years back but everything old is new again My brother is a divorce attorney His most memorable case he was representing a guy in a divorce custody battle who was accused of horrific child abuse Very graphic very detailed depositions from the young kids against daddy Things look grim Then my brother notices the deposition transcript done by social workers under oath contains a question at the end from one of the kids Did I hit my marks? My brother had previously tried to make it as an actor in Hollywood right out of high school failing miserably and decided to go into law an altogether different form of actingHe wonders how little kids know about acting jargon Subpoenas the wife's personal checking acct during discovery sure enough acting lessons Deposes an extremely sketchy acting coach and panicked coach quickly coughs up DVDS of practice interrogations with the kids hours of coaching the kids on exactly what imaginary things to say about daddy He says it was his one and only Perry Mason moment in 20+ years of practice and Dad got sole custody of the kids permalink embed save report give award reply Repost forgot to hide usernames Growing up I knew a lot of my mum and dads doctor jargon A lot of kids pick it up from their parents This kinda ‘evidence’ would be overruled in court as speculation definitely It doesn’t give much context except this and this will definitely not win you a case Meme




Growing up







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