$2000 thscomau au comaurent omau2mode-rente mau oadbandcomau au comaupersonalゾー つく。 hermionemollycharliepond just-raowolf edenwolfie my year 8 students had to do a budgeting activity pretending they were living out of home on $2000 a month and I find this written on there help I can’t fucking breathe We had to do this and I was partnered with a boy whose parents are a scientist and a doctor My family spawned the book Top Drawer Villain - autobiography of a London criminal First of all we had to choose where we would shop He wanted to buy from Booths “We are not buying from Booths“ I snapped ”Get on Asda’s website right now“ His face froze “A-Asda?” he whispered “But that’s where… The Lower Classes shop” This was a good start We then had to decide on a menu We started on breakfast “Toast” he said “Toast“ I said ”Great Look Asda has its own wholemeal—” “Warburton’s thick-slice white bread Nothing else With olive oil” “You WHAT?“ I choked ”You have olive oil on your toast in the morning?” He frowned “Who doesn’t?” “Okay“ I said ”but what will the children eat?” He gaped at me “The children? We have children?” We continued All was well until it came to what we would have on our sandwiches We even sorted out the children’s lunch - they of course would get free school meals “Yes“ he agreed ”if we can’t even afford Bertolli then they can get school meals on the government” He asked what dressing we should have on our ham “Nuh-uh“ I said ”Can’t have ham I’m vegetarian” “But I’m not” “Yes but we’re married and we can only afford one sandwich filler so it has to be vege—” “We’re married!?” “Of course we’re married! You’re devout Christian - how do you think I convinced you to have children?” He shook his head frowning “Well I want ham You’ll have to put back the washing powder - I need ham on my sandwiches” We continued Finally it was dinner “Okay“ he said clearly thinking hard ”for dinner we can have… Chicken nuggets and… Beans?” “Vegetarian” “Vegetarian nuggets then And beans” “We need vegetables The children have to have a balanced diet” “You and your children!“ he yelled and the whole class looked around “They’re your children too!” I screamed back He leapt to his feet shaking his head and looking distraught “I don’t believe it - I don’t believe you! I wouldn’t have your children!” “Please“ I cried standing up also ”Don’t—” “I want a divorce!” And he walked out of the classroom The teacher stood up and stared between me and the door through which he had vanished “I’m sorry“ I whispered ”but we couldn’t do it any more There were just too many differences - I can’t live with someone who thinks champagne is a budget” I can’t wait to see this guy when he gets to university READ THE WHOLE THING Meme











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