20 Students Were Asked What's The Laziest Thing You've Ever Done? Some Of These Answers Are Pure Genius 1 Called the restaurant to send the waiter back to my table 2 I have a dog and a cat and I HATE sleeping with the door open Sometimes dog wants to sleep in the bedroom sometimes dog wants to sleep outside the bedroom But he never decides until I'm comfy in bed Solution? Keep a laser pointer on my nightstand Once dog decides where he's sleeping I'll shine the laser pointer on the door so that my cat paws it closed It has now become a routine that my cat will wait by the door for the laser before laying down 3 Shot 10 Nerf darts at my light switch from bed Missed all of them and slept with the lights on 4 I downloaded a movie instead of going 5 Drove to class Escalators up to third floor 6 Not me but a buddy of mine was laying in upstairs to grab the DVD classroom were broken Went home bed one morning Picked his nose and had no where to put it put it back in his nose 7 I tried to skip to the good part of a 33 second Youtube video 8 TV remote was2 feet out of reach so l downloaded the remote control app instead 9 I once watched 2 hours of antique roadshow because the cat jumped up in front of the TV sensor as I was flicking through channels and fell asleep 10 Used to have one of those 'clap on clap off lights in my room I hated clapping so I just made an audio recording of me clapping and mapped it to one of the programmable keys on my keyboard 11 I had BBQ sauce on my cheek at a restaurant Rather than get up to grab a napkin I used a piece of bread to wipe it off and then ate it 12 Attached my dog's leash to my RC monster truck car and walked her around the cul-de-sac with it all from the comfort of my living room 13 I always heat things in the microwave for 111 or 222 because I'm too lazy to move my fingers to the 0 before I hit start 14 I was drunk one night and decided the bathroom was too far away So I peed in my cats litter box Didn't feel like cleaning it up in the morning so I just threw the whole litter box in the garbage 15 My roommate and I arranged our dorm room to be lazy-capable One person was able to reach the mini fridge and light switch from her bed and the other could reach the the window and AC heat from her bed we never fought again 16 Eating my food directly from the pot to eliminate dishes I hate washing dishes 17 Spent a half hour searching for a torrent to download a textbook that I had left in another room 18 Washed bed sheets Didn't put the sheets on till 2 months later 19 I purchased a 1000 pack of disposable plates and cutlery 20 My dishes were piling up in my dorm room and they were starting to smell a bit I didn't want to wash them yet so I sprayed them with febreze Whats the laziest thing you have ever done? This is hilarious Meme











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