2 minutes ago Posted by Cache payments should be forbidden or at least there should be a cap of $20 or $50 per payment I am sick of people who work for cache don't pay taxes and abuse the system Here are just 2 examples - I am volunteering in my son's school helping during the lunch and it is very weird to see 13 years boys and girls browsing housing and free lunch in school so these children supposed to be low income How the hell you will buy a $300 iWatch and $800 iPhone to your 13 years old if you are low income? on their iPhones while waiting to get free lunch In my area low income families get subsidized healthcare We went to Costco to buy soda and beer for a party and my friend chose a Hispanic family with a full cart on the shortest line Actually most of the people were going to the other lines Weird huh? No apparently everybody knew they will pay cache and it is going to take some time So long story short counting $ few relatively long line because there was a hundreds in small bills and fixing them really took time I was thinking they my friend pointed no matter debit or credit Now when I am thinking about this I kind of noticed this too and apparently all the people who choose other the lines in Costco knew what is happening probably buying food for a party too then me that nobody is buying Prime beef for a party and in general he rarely sees Latinos to pay with cards are Paying cache is not the problem The problem is that this money are not declared There is a whole parallel world where people pay in cache and don't pay taxes get free healthcare food housing and education Don't give me this shit about the poor people with big families who wash dishes and are paid minimal wage Check who is driving GMC Yukon and Chevy Tahoe How many of you will get a car with 15 mpg? Well may be if you are not paying taxes and a gallon of gas costs you $3 it is acceptable But when you pay $1 taxes on these $3 and the gas actually costs you $4 and on top of that you have to pay your rentmortgage your food and to spare some money for college for your children you are going to get a Toyota to save some on gas So to avoid having not declared money there should be a cap on the cache payments Cache payments Meme











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