16h ago Glad no one opened the door Checking to see if someone's home they are not afraid of dogs either They come prepared very bold In my house I had things going on for years no one believes old people & who are handicapped on top of it They take advantage of many the triggery they use unbelievable Just be careful Here they even stole all sorts of ldentification can open a safe double lockedhit my banks stocks constantly stealing my mail at home and the post office too Found how they could get in from how the guy set up my cameras Done deliberately If l told my story it is so wild no one would ever believe They can control cameras and even stop lights They can even make exact copies of you some fellow in Pasadena was on the news You would swear it is the real person Just be careful these creeps are from coast to coast nowadays Lots of good watch dogs will help some Thank 3 15h ago Thank you E I am not computer savvy but I did have 16 cameras up and working Some were lasered and they still did manage to get into my house Some how they knew how to shut them down unreal what I went thru Would get them up & running they were super cameras too but it is someone who was coming over the fence Found foot prints one was a large foot like 11 12 and the other real small feet like some kind of a boot At that time police were not interested thank you Thank Targeted harrassment using lasers and clones 👥 Meme


My House


Old People


post office


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