142656 81 POS OVERVIEW + 1 + Why do I always attract the most atrocious looking men? X CLOSE 142836 142849 142858 80 80 80 SORT NEW The incel making really bizarreaccusations rrant - Posted by 2 hours ago Share Award 11 14 Gigglytronn comm Why do I always attract the most atrocious looking men? This is the start of a beautiful thing Say something nice or share a cat fact rrant Gigglytronn 3 poin • Now Gigglytronn 1422 GigglytrOnn 1419 Very very poss Even in the way you speakwe can all tellIt dosent take a stalkera detectivehell get a person on the street to read that afformentioned conversation Save O Hide 8 Comments Share Report Oct 1 2008 e Cake Day 133k 604 You didn't win this one either you lost just by assuming way too much from so very little Reply Share Today Hold on a minute you call me a rapist with no proof jusr because I wanna bang my friend and because I call some attention seeker a 510 you're suddenly flipping the script? Being an incel is one thing but show some integrity for fuck sake Online Members SORT BY BEST The redesign is bad dont use it Literally everybody can tell you share your personal life to reddit its called having an account Dont like itdont like sharing your life to strangers? Then dont make an account in the first placeor do you perhaps think that refdit is gool and eye wand do bi wid da gool gids!1&2&1&$ Gigglytronn 1316 GigglytrOnn comm I would say what was the point? but I genuinely don't think you know View all comments JOINED Just a quick question nothing major but just clarifying Where did you get the rapist bit from? Gigglytronn 2 poin Says the 510 Well at least you provided me with some post material Gigglytronn 2 points · COMMUNITY OPTIONS My comment w which he totall Says the 510 You're right you did assume way too much Your whole argument was a joke but this just makes it funnier 1413 ADVERTISEMENT Reply Share Save Edit The fact that you can laugh and alter your words about being a two faced rapist disgusts meMakes me wonderwhy would God perhaps make you and many other of your kind rapists to specify maybe he wanted to balance between pure and evil but you are obviously breaking the scale The loss of integrity and a piss poor attempt at backing out of his weird and unfounded claims Why am I editin Its literally your recent postabout the second first post Reply Share Arguing Incel OPs a 210 at max though 1420 The recent post of mine he is on about is one where I describe how I want to bang my choosing beggar friend apparently because I called her a slut bad wording for surebut she calls herself that that makes me a rapist Gigglytronn comm Also take the argument here I feel like the threads gonna explode if we keep this up Heh yeah Reply Give Award Share Report Save Gigglytronn 2 Somebody n I got bored Sucks to suck? I bet if she found out you'd piss your pants and crybecause you dont have your little sex doll anymorehuhGo onshow me what guts you've gotA mans gotta have the balls to admit his lossand I sk admit my loss HoweverI wish not for a maidens honour to be in vain simply because of a repelling traitGive me the proof of you sending her the truth otherwise you are the one to lose in this argument No matter how many rebuttals you makeI suppose you'll never have the sweet victory of winning an online argument NA 210 on the 20 ounces of Jager scale dude Huhi guess you arent too bad that you jus I havent had an argument in a long timeso I guess this was fun Reply Give Award Share Report Save The fact that Maybe I assumed too much from the postsyou're kind of a respectable guyshutting down scums everywhere here Reply Share Apparently he was stalking my comment history because as soon as I posted a scathing joke response to a someone ranting for attention he immediately changed his tune and backed out of everything he And yes I do thatdont ask Gigglytr I apologisealso dont take my reply too seriously later on RRANT RULES said Reply 1 Not Your Personal Army Message Message Message Gigglytronn 2 You're still a 2 Don't be a dick After allyou're just a virgin who got lucky enough acting like a chad and not understanding that people arent toolssince your room cave was obviously unable to give you the many wonders that is reality u u r r u r judgementa flimsiest of 3 Turtles are friends not food Unless you c MODERATORS you as an in ---I------ n The sheer lack of integrity with Incels is staggering! Meme











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