11 9990 645 amazon prime pril 8 2019 chase Size 105 M US Color BlackWhite Leather I wish I had more self confidence They are both comfortable and stylish I notice the attention from the opposite sex while in these shoes but that is hardly the shoes fault When I was a kid I never really connected with my mother It is really a long story but because of that my love life has been in crisis The first girlI asked out said that she'd love to go on a date but she just found out she was diagnosed with cancer and that she was moving out of the country and that her mom wouldnt let her date outside of her religion and that she thought that my disturbingly jutting and porous face was very unnerving The second was an older woman She didn't have an issue with my unfortunate condition because she had very bad eye sight and sense of smell Her dementia was annoying but I was accepting of her problems She eventually broke up with me one day after her weekly Martin Balsam sighting proclaiming her constant embarrassment of being seen in public with me because of my debilitating and gratuitous enthusiasm of Sonic the Hedgehog fan fiction The third was a lovely girl that truly got me She had long blonde hair smart as a whip and funny as well I couldnt believe a girl like her would find a guy like me attractive so I spent every waking moment cherishing her and trying to show her how much she meant to me So after the restraining order I bought these shoes to show her that I could be cool like Josh this guy she's engaged to I guess and that l can be a real man She told me once that l wasnt a real man and that I needed to grow up and not call her all night long and to stop leave notes in her house while she was sleeping and who are you? I know that there is a long way to go on the road to coolness but the 3 stripes stand for third time's the charm As soon as I find out her new address I will walk up to her wearing these shoes and my favorite Pokemon onesie and I will say loud and proud that I am confident! I am a man now! I love you! And I am confident I will be able to say all of this to her because of these shoes And the tolerance I've built up to pepper spray 10 people found this helpful Helpful Report Claudia's kindles March 12 2019 Verified Purchase Size 12 M US Color WhiteBlackWhite Classic look Not sure what to think about this shoe review long but worth it Meme


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