1109 YOU SUPER LIKED ELVIRA ON U Your cleavage game is top notch Today 858 AM Thanks Victoria secret's bra do Yeah they really lift and shape them nicely I'm pretty sure my hands could do better though And I'm pretty sure i don't want your hands anywhere near my Jeez is this a hookup app or a way to talk to my grandma You think everyone one here wants to hook up? I think if you go to a mcdonalds and order a salad if the salad sucks it's kinda your fault for ordering it I would take you to a much nicer place btw thats just an analogy I'm sorry my hoe days are over That's okay J actually happen to have a time anomaly in my bedroom What does that mean? English is not my first language? Don't worry it's not mine either ignore the second interrogation mark What's yours? Spanish Oh como estas? Lol I honestly can't type spanish for shit but I speak it very well What's your first language? It's French My last girlfriend was french I have prior experience And what did you learn from her ? How to spend 20000 on someone and have nothing to show for it LMFAO Oh Lord I bet she had a nice pair of titties Definitely that's why I had to swipe right you're exactly my type Not exactly I'm not here for I'm sure there's somewhere between hookups and marriage we can settle on @ I think that's called relationship - Ok deal you're my girlfriend now Today 953 AM Definitely not how it works Now I am both confused and hurt I don't know what you want and l have a headache sounds like a girlfriend Today 159 PM You're crazy lol Today 702 PM A little bit CanI get your number still? sent Today 822 PM 240 Type a message GIF I have a girlfriend now Meme







I Bet




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